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Harvey Danger Inducted Into Rock and Roll Hall of 15 Minutes of Fame

SEATTLE — The newly established Rock and Roll Hall of 15 Minutes of Fame announced that they were inducting ‘90s alternative music sensations Harvey Danger as part of their 2022 inaugural class, sources who were admittedly not sick but also not well confirmed.

“It’s just nice to get recognition for something other than being ‘that band with that one song that was in a movie that came out 25 years ago,’” said singer of the band Sean Nelson while adding the achievement to his LinkedIn profile. “This actually means more to us than that other more mainstream rock and roll one, which weirdly only recognizes bands that had a lasting impression. Who wants to be a part of that? As a band, your goal should be to write one hit, have it do numbers on the charts, and then vanish into the night as if it never even happened. We’ve been living the dream this whole time in complete obscurity.”

Members of the public were happy for the band.

“You just couldn’t avoid ‘Flagpole Sitta’ during that brief moment in time,” said Jules Headthrows, who knows all the words of the song against her will. “Believe me, I tried, but the radio and MTV had other plans. They also played it in grocery stores, commercials, pubs, parties, bar mitzvahs, and every funeral I attended that year. Then all of the sudden, the band and the song seemed to disappear completely right out from under our ears. So yeah, I can’t think of a band that deserves this more.”

Reginald Dellingware, director of the Rock and Roll Hall of 15 Minutes of Fame, had a lot of special surprises planned for the ceremony.

“Not only is Harvey Danger scheduled to play that one song a handful of times, but the band is also going to be inducted by none other than the singer of Marcy Playground and the bass player for Candlebox,” said Dellingware. “Sure, we’ve been getting a ton of flack online for allegedly snubbing Semisonic, and there was a strong case to be made for Blind Melon, but I assure you there’s plenty of room for all your favorite late ‘90s short-lived stars to be included in the future.”

At press time, the band received more great news when they were informed that the Grammy’s were giving them an Almost Lifetime Achievement Award.