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Guy Revisiting Band With Open Mind Has Hatred Reaffirmed After 10 Seconds

WASHINGTON — Avid music fan Philip Moore felt it was time to give a band he always hated another chance to win him over but instead was quickly reminded why he didn’t like them in the first place, sources confirmed.

“I’ve always hated Mount Moon,” Moore said while flipping his Black Sabbath LP to side B. “I kept reading rave reviews of their new record from people I actually respect, so I decided to give it a shot. Also, I think the older I get, the more of a mature approach to music I have. But boy, that didn’t last long. Once I heard 10 seconds of their weird, droning bullshit, I tapped out. And immediately blocked anyone who ever told me this band was good. This was like audio dysentery. You’d have to be a total poser to get into that shit. No thank you.”

Mount Moon frontman Kyle West weighed in on the apprehensive nature of some of their listeners.

“This sort of thing seems to happen all the time with us. People are either die-hard fans and love to tell us we rule, people hate us and love to tell us we suck, or people hate us at first, then give us a chance, then hate us still,” West explained. “I suppose a chess-themed droning prog rock band being lumped in with the metal crowd is a recipe for disaster, but we think we hold our own within the scene, despite the abundance of childish name calling. ”

Spotify executive Ronald Edwards explained the visible trends second chance listeners set using their platform.

“You would be surprised at how traceable these second chance listens are,” said Edwards. “This happens to a lot of bands, particularly super hyped bands like Deafheaven or Turnstile that blend together more than one genre. A new record drops, listens skyrocket. A few weeks later, listens drop off….then shoot back up again….then crash and burn. Those ‘crash and burn’ trends are basically the listeners who are saying, ‘Yeah, I shouldn’t have wasted my time, goddamnit.’ But either way, a listen is a listen to us, so we don’t give a shit.”

At press time, Moore was seen putting on that Blaze Bayley era Iron Maiden record he hadn’t heard in a while to give it a shot.