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Frontman Heavily Influenced by Strummer, Reznor, What Others Think About Him

GREAT VALLEY, Pa. – During a Q&A session earlier this week, the frontman of industrial rock band Tetrawitch cited legendary guitarist Joe Strummer, rock icon Trent Reznor, and how he is perceived by his peers and contemporaries as his biggest influences, according to witnesses.

Singer Terrence Carson revealed his key inspirations when asked about the themes behind Tetrawitch’s latest album, slated for release later this month.

“As a kid, I used to hang posters of bands like the Clash and Nine Inch Nails on my wall,” said the 26-year-old punk musician. “I would show up to homeroom wearing tattered jeans and black leather, to not only defy the school system and its dress code, but also so Jake McWilliams would stop calling me ‘gay’ during recess. But it didn’t really change things at the school, or stop him from beating the crap out of me.”

Friends of Carson confirmed the frontman always had interest in a wide variety of musical genres and a burning need for peers to accept him.

“Carson’s musical taste is definitely eclectic. He introduced me to so much I may have never sought out on my own, and it comes through in his music,” said Kyle Wasserman, bandmate and longtime friend of Carson. “I think it comes from the environment he grew up in, which fostered a passion for rock, a distaste for authority, and a debilitating need to have his countless insecurities validated.”


The frontman admitted his influences impacted his songwriting process as well as his everyday life.

“It’s fascinating, really,” Carson said. “When I create new songs, I find myself not only considering how it derives from the work of my musical idols, but also what my bandmates, girlfriend, and parents might think of it. Usually, it’s that they probably wouldn’t like it. Christ, what the hell was I thinking? Let me start over.”

Following the Q&A, Carson announced Tetrawitch would be headlining a show down at the Black Cat later this week, and that everyone at the Q&A was welcome to attend, or not, if they had other, better things planned.

Article by Sean McGowan @SeanMacgo. Photo by Kat Chish.