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Fans Rejoice as Phoebe Bridgers Announces She’s Gonna Dress as a Frankenstein

LOS ANGELES — Phoebe Bridgers’ fans were overjoyed recently after it was announced the indie artist will spend her upcoming international tour dressed as “a Frankenstein,” spooktacular sources confirmed.

“Overwhelmingly, the fan response to Phoebe retiring the skeleton garb in favor of a classic ‘Frankenstein’ has been positive. Speaking as both a friend and as someone on her payroll, I’m in awe of how Phoebe continues to break new ground in ironic costuming,” said Bridgers’ assistant Kiran Vargas. “And we’re not talking about some artsy, ‘90s Robert Deniro Frankenstein. It’s gonna be ugly green makeup, big black boots, and ghastly as heck neck bolts. And each show will kick off with a dude in a lab coat screaming ‘she’s alive, and ready to rock’ as Phoebe rises from a metal slab.”

Bridgers elaborated on the creative process that led her to this decision.

“When it comes to touring, stage attire has always been my top priority. Much more so than conditioning, practicing, or even planning which cities we’ll visit. So I like to stock up on supplies at my local Spirit Halloween store,” said Bridgers. “It took me a few months before I landed on Frankie. Originally I thought of doing something more modern. But I tweaked my hip trying to learn the ‘M3gan’ dance. I then very briefly considered being the ‘Saw’ puppet. The suit and red bowtie were definitely on brand. But I just couldn’t play guitar and ride a tricycle.”

Some however criticized the announcement, including representatives of the estate of “Monster Mash” writer Bobby “Boris” Pickett.

“Any sort of live musical show that refers to or implies a graveyard smash that will catch on in a flash is a clear violation of the copyright held by the estate of Mr. Pickett. And we believe Ms. Bridgers’ has done exactly that,” said lawyer Lexi Walton. “Frankly, we are shocked by Bridgers’ flagrant copyright infringement. If we went after Universal for their ‘Rock and Roll Graveyard Revue’ live show, what makes her think we won’t also nail her ass in court?”

At press time, several crusty, Boomer rock stars have gone out of their way to criticize Bridgers for calling it a “Frankenstein” costume rather than a “Frankenstein’s monster” costume.