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Every The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Album Ranked Worst To Best

Middleburg, Florida’s The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus formed in 2003, was under the radar until 2006, and released their debut album “Don’t You Fake It” that very year, and as of today in the year of our lord it is Platinum and counting. One of the lesser discussed bands of the mall screamo movement, their first LP is now a scene mainstay with three hit singles, one of which being the anthem to end all anthems known as “Face Down.” If you listened to rock radio in the mid-aughts, you couldn’t avoid hearing this track, and if you rock out to Warped Tour-esque playlists to this day, good luck NOT encountering this song. We attempted to rank the band’s FIVE, yes, five, albums below, and we prove on record that the band has more than one freaking song AND four albums that you may have missed.

5. Lonely Road (2009)

Scene-ioritis? GODSPEED! Although The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ sophomore album “Lonely Road,” was ambitious in the way that the band temporarily fled the scene world for a Sunset Strip ‘80s metal vibe, it was a misfire amongst fans and the like, and thus, its title was unintentionally accurate. The record debuted at number fourteen on the Billboard 200, but quickly faded away shortly after, and would be the band’s last full-length studio album on a major label. Vocalist Ronnie Winter’s voice hit notes that were higher than most on “The Up in Smoke Tour” here, but that’s where the fun ended, and critics from much inferior publications echoed said sentiments on pen, paper, pleads, postcards, and other “P” words.

Play it again: “You Better Pray”
Skip it: ½ of it

4. The Awakening (2018)

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ fifth and most recent LP is the first good album to be mentioned here. Many readers here may not know this but The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is a Christian Rock band, and the highlighted “play it again” track here,”On Becoming Willing,” topped the Christian Rock Billboard charts for quite some time, whilst staying under the radar amongst non-denominational punks of all shapes and sizes. “The Awakening” is also a concept album, and the first of such in the band’s catalog. It’s been nearly six years since this record hit stores (remember those?) and RJA fans all over the world are eagerly waiting for another, especially given the fact that the aughts rock boom is now nostalgia music, so there is more than some unfinished business on the proverbial table.

Play it again: “On Becoming Willing”
Skip it: ⅓ of it

3. 4 (2014)

Starting with a haunting piano intro via album opener “Grimm 2.0” which was reminiscent of Tim Burton films, “4” deserves your attention and affection if you missed it in 2014; ignorance is not bliss here and you’re the mocking Jay, Captain Hunger Games. If you heard it then and/or still vibe with it today, Jesus and/or Moses may be your rock star; we know, right? Fun fact: This album exists because of some of you hardcore RJA fanboys and fangirls reading here who donated to the band’s fundraising IndieGoGo campaign; it was you… The right direction!

Play it again: “California”
Skip it: ¼ of it

2. Am I the Enemy (2011)

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus made the correct calculated move by working with scene svengali John Feldmann of No Use For A Name on their third LP “Am I the Enemy.” If you still need to ask, “Where are the heroes?,” don’t lose hope, don’t you fake it, do not pass go/collect $200, and listen to this one front to back for little filler and/or questions as to why this band was hugely successful and still converts new heads on the daily. The band used to look to you for direction, but that was before they saw the deception that was hidden behind your eyes. Deep? Yes, but that was just your empty pride in RJA lyric form.

Play it again: “Reap”
Skip it: “Where Are The Heroes”

1. Don’t You Fake It (2006)

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus’ breakout LP is a “no skip” effort that counterbalances the duds on album 2, the inconsistencies on albums 4 and 5, and the almost perfect third LP. This record is so good that it has another version known as “Don’t You Fake It (Alliance Edition),” but only check that one out after you listen to this one seventeen (ain’t so sweet) times; if you choose that one first, your emo hearts will forever feel disconnected with a combination of solo misery and damn regret. If you’re still a hater regarding this band’s inclusion here, go to their Spotify and marvel at the hundreds of millions of streams and the near five million monthly listeners; for context, Yellowcard has nearly one million less monthly listeners and Skankin’ Pickle has just over twenty-three thousand.

Play it again: 0:01-44:28
Skip it: Faking it