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Dad Who Saw Zeppelin Drops Disappointment of Son off at Concert for Band Named “Real Friends”

SAN FRANCISCO — Greg Franken, local embarrassed and disappointed father, dropped off his son at some sort of nerd convention for a band named “Real Friends,” sources who saw Led fucking Zeppelin confirmed today.

According to reports, Franken refused to get near the entrance of August Hall on Oct 25th, opting to drop off his son down the street instead.

“Jesus Christ, are these the people who convinced my son it’s cool to be a #sadboi?” Franken said after seeing a flyer for the show. “I saw Zeppelin. Led fucking Zeppelin. Now that sounds like a rock band. Real Friends sounds like the theme to a little girl’s birthday party.”

“What is he even sad about?” Franken added about his son. “We are upper middle class and the kid hasn’t worked a day in his life. All four of his grandparents are alive. I’m serious, I cannot think of a single hardship he has faced.”

According to a series of Snapchat stories, Alex Franken doesn’t take his dad’s music criticism all that serious.

“My dad is kinda stuck in his ways, but I played him a Real Friends song in the car without telling him who it was and he loved it,” the younger Franken said. “I don’t think he even saw Zeppelin. Before my mom left she would spit right in his face and say he was a ‘little dork boy.'”

“I get laid all the time,” he added.

August Hall and The Hard Times present Real Friends Oct 25th at August Hall in San Francisco. Click here for tickets. 

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