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Dad Continues to Remind Band They Should Be Paid for Gigs

ORLAND PARK, Ill. — Shortly after returning home from “a pretty good show,” Scott Turner and the other members of pop-punk trio the Flank Steaks were instantly swarmed with questions by Turner’s father, Gary, about the band’s compensation, while reminding the young musicians they “should be paid for their art,” according to sources close to the band.

“The bottom line,” the elder Turner stated, “is that if you’re entertaining these people, you should be paid.”

Witnesses report this is not the first time Mr. Turner provided similar advice, as the 49-year-old electrician and volunteer firefighter has suggested money-making ideas to his son’s band since their inception.

“At least once during every practice, Mr. Turner will come into the basement with a plate of apple slices and suggest some new idea to make more money,” said bassist Mikey Wallace. “He really thinks playing covers of current pop songs with a punk twist would be a hit. He spent a week trying to arrange Adele’s ‘Hello’ for us.”


But even when the Flank Steaks recently received gas money at a donation-based house show, showing a near 100 percent increase in profits, it didn’t seem to be enough for Mr. Turner. “What these kids don’t understand is that cars cost more than just gas money. There’s insurance and maintenance, too. They’ll be in a creek without a paddle if their engine breaks down,” said Mr. Turner as he arranged the tools on his workbench. “I don’t see why it would be a problem to just ask the venue for more money.”

Turner’s grandfather, Elroy Turner, a self-described “financial expert,” recently offered his two cents. “Nothing is free, you know. If you want to be able to afford a house and a wife, you need to make money. Especially if you want to have a kid,” the octogenarian Turner said. “That’s why I told those kids to sell their songs to a few commercials. That should get some money in their pocket quick.”

Photo by Senny Mau @SimplySenny.