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Confused Crowd Searches for Thrown Stick That Is Actually Behind Drummer’s Back

SANTA FE, N.M. — Much of the audience for Sante Fe doom metal band Cackler frantically searched last night to fetch the drumsticks the band’s drummer mimed throwing and hid behind his back, multiple amused sources confirmed.

“It was adorable,” drummer Rod Stummins said of his stunt during the VFW basement show. “It worked like a charm — you just hold the sticks over your head, spin them between your fingers, and pretend to whip them at the back wall. Then, just sit back… and watch everyone in the crowd go nuts trying to find them. They run around in circles and get all frustrated, and I just have this look on my face like, ‘Hey, don’t look at me! I definitely don’t have the sticks.’”

However, the victims were not as happy with the prank.

“I think that drummer might be some sort of magician… or maybe a warlock of sorts,” said bouncer Virginia Whitmore, eyes darting around the space, still seeking the sticks. “He had the sticks, and then he clearly threw the sticks, but now we can’t find the sticks. Which is crazy — there aren’t many people here.”

Staff and patrons alike only grew more agitated when Stummins suddenly had the sticks again and counted off the next song.

“This doesn’t make any sense,” said showgoer Khoa Phillips. “We all saw him throw the sticks. We all whipped our heads around, and ran to the back of the room to get them… but then, all of a sudden, [Cackler] was playing again. What did the sticks bounce off to get back in his hands?”

However, Stummins was prepared for the hostile response.

“Oh, they’ll want the sticks again — that’s a sure thing. But it’ll all blow over when I ask them those three little words every crowd wants to hear: ‘Wanna go outside?’” said Stummins with a wide smile.

Security footage shows Stummins later asked fans, “Who’s a good crowd?” over and over before finally assuring them that, in fact, they were a good crowd.

Photo by Kat Chish.