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Report: Science Teacher In Romantic Relationship With Art Student

BEL AIR, Calif. – Eccentric science teacher Elon Musk is in a romantic relationship with professional art student Grimes, sources confirmed. The 46-year-old Musk has reportedly been quietly dating Grimes for about a month. They’ve recently decided to take their relationship public.

“We would like you to respect our privacy,” Musk said. “But for the record, I was never her teacher. She was one of those weird theater kids.”

Friends of the couple say they met at a Goodwill store in the valley where Grimes buys unwanted Bridesmaids’ dresses and Musk digs through the electronics bin seeking parts for his kooky inventions. People close to the couple are split about whether or not to support the relationship.

“It’s fucked up,” said Danny Thompson, a friend of Grimes and fellow art student. “I don’t get what she sees in him. Has he even made a zine before?”

Area parents are demanding an immediate meeting of the school board to discuss this issue. The southern California area hasn’t been rocked by a Teacher/Student scandal this extreme since the Dr. Emmett Brown, Marty McFly debacle from the 1980s.

This is a breaking news story. More updates to follow.