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boygenius Not Sure How Many Iconic Photoshoots They Have Left in Them

LOS ANGELES — Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker announced boygenius will be taking a hiatus after they realized that they can no longer sustain their streak of iconic photoshoots, band reps reported.

“We knew ‘the album’ and the tour was a watershed moment in indie music, while we were prepared for a lot of press, we didn’t think it would lead to an endless string of culturally momentous photoshoots. I mean, yeah, they all came out amazing, but now we’re being hounded by renowned photographers with U-Haul trailers full of props day and night,” said Phoebe Bridgers. “The publicity and critical reception was nice, but we’re not sure how much we have left in the tank. We’re sitting on multiple EP’s worth of material in addition to requests from fashion houses. It’s not easy being this photogenic and we’re fucking tired.”

Legendary photographer Annie Liebovitz has been pitching ideas to the band for weeks.

“Generational talent like boygenius needs to be documented, and it’s my duty as a photographer to capture this moment in time. That being said, I wish they’d answer my emails in a more timely fashion because I have dozens of ideas and Patti Smith is too busy,” said Liebovitz. “It’s hard to top the Nirvana tribute and the Alternative Press cowboy shoot, so I have to think out of the box. Maybe something with pirates or motorcycles? I hope they will reconsider this hiatus because I’m cooking up something badass like with combat boots and machetes.”

Longtime talent manager Jimmy Polaski has seen many artists and bands crushed under the weight of looking effortlessly cool.

“I’ve been around for a long time, and I’ve seen bands that survive the drugs and creative burnout to become emblematic of their genre eventually disappear after too many ethereal photoshoots. Why do you think Siouxsie Sioux has only put out one album in the last 20 years?” said Polaski while sulkily chain-smoking. “Should boygenius reach iconoclast status, they could be just one or two life-affirming photo essays from calling it quits.”

As of press time, the boys sent the internet into a frenzy after a candid polaroid of them eating fast food ended up on the cover of Bazaar.