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Bill Cosby Accused of Liking The Casualties

NEW YORK — The hits just keep coming for Bill Cosby.

The 77-year-old comedian’s sexual assault scandal worsened Friday when a former acquaintance came forward and accused Cosby of being a “huge fan of The Casualties.”

George Stanson, the alleged victim, says he was drinking backstage with Cosby when the comedian made his poor taste in punk bands clear.

“Bill offered me a 40oz, and I accepted because I’ve always looked up to his choice of winter outerwear. The next thing I remember Bill is putting on ‘For The Punx’ and talking about how The Casualties are ‘Good dudes, backed hard.'” Stanson said.

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Hordes of internet commenters are outraged, saying Stanson needs to provide the actual vinyl he was assaulted with before they can believe him.

“He’s just trying to get his 15 minutes of fame. Casualties army! 400 punks out on the street, getting drunk,” one commenter, with a profile picture that looked oddly similar to Jorge Herrera, said.


  1. gregmazur December 12, 2014

    spiky headed drunk punx!

  2. insured101010 December 13, 2014

    One time back in the late 90’s the Casualties came to play a show at this venue shitty empty warehouse venue near Fishtown. So after the show, my friends and I somehow ended up going with the band after the show to this house that I ‘think’ Jorge and his then(?) girlfriend and possibly some of the other band members were temporarily staying. Anyway, we’re all hanging out, getting totally wasted and obnoxious. Now, mind you, even back then in my relatively juvenile foray into the music scene, I knew the Casualties were horrible. Just fucking horrible. They garnered a small amount of suedo-respect from us just because, well… Because they were the fucking Casualties and they have put their time in or whatever. Long story short, the night ended with one of my friends punching Jorge in the face and making off with his girlfriend and another of my friends stole a shit ton of his CD’s in front of his face and he just took it. Just sat there and pouted. Up the Punx.

    • upthepunx December 13, 2014

      your story would have been a lot cooler if it involved bill cosby in any way whatsoever.

    • Lillith January 9, 2015

      You suck for being a loser thief.

      People that steal from others, especially their house are the biggest pieces of shit.

  3. max awesome December 13, 2014

    They quit playing my home town cuz anytime they came to town we’d cut their laces , one time bonez from lcb had to ask us for their boots and van keys back

  4. whatsappdp10 December 16, 2014

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  5. scottyo719 January 6, 2015

    Wouldn’t surprise me that a rapist would like a band who’s vocalist is a rapist.

    • PhallicDalek January 16, 2015

      (That’s the joke)

  6. eat me January 10, 2015

    Well that makes sense considering Jorge is a rapist too

  7. jennie January 17, 2015

    Ive watched and seen the casualties start off as a no namer shitty band and up to date now are world wide, in my opinion, I dont believe jorge is a rapist, but if he did do it, he will have made his bed to lay in it…and I dont believe it, but I just hate when a bad thing that may or may not have happened get completely blown off the map…what makes any of you perfect little angels? Its life and shit happens, some people grow from it and some dont, but please quit your bitching…your entitled to your own opinion, but keep it real…I love the casualties. guys rock!!!!

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