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Bassist Pouring Heart and Soul Into Lyrics Unaware He Is Writing Album Filler Track

SEATTLE — Local bassist Tony Drill has no clue that his songwriting efforts will never be featured on his band Mangy Polyps new album following the state-wide success of their sophomore record ‘BLÖÖD THRST,’ according to sources.

“I am so stoked to be recording album number three. I feel like I have so much to say at this stage of my life and I am excited to share my innermost feelings with our fans”, Drill gushed on a recent Instagram Live. “The guys had so much ready for the last two records, there was never really space for my stuff but now is definitely the right time for me to step up. I’ve even bought a thesaurus, the paper kind. I think I might be finishing the first single right now, once I find something that rhymes with ‘best friend.’”

Bandmate Billy “Bigballs” Arata has different opinions on where Drill’s songwriting fits into the album.

“Tony is a great guy and he rips on the bass, but there is just no way we can include ‘Wiping the First Tear from my First Daughter’s Eye’ on this record,” Arata stated. “The rest of us are more focussed on making as much noise as possible, and I don’t really see a way we can make this sentimental shit fit on an album called ‘ANAL GRNDR.’”

Fellow Seattle bassist Krist Novoselic knows all too well how it feels to have your songs bumped from an album.

“Yeah sure I wrote a lot of songs that didn’t make the cut on some Nirvana records,” he explained. “I once poured my heart out into a song about how watching my mother growing older made me reflect on the fragility and beauty of life, which was later bumped to make room on ‘In Utero’ for ‘Rape Me.’ It’s not something that’s easy to get over so I definitely feel Tony’s pain.”

When asked about their plans for any songs Drill might contribute to the new record, Mangy Polyps assured they would have space for him to compose the 30-second instrumental outro, under band supervision.