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Bane Embarks on Final Tour Until the Next One

BOSTON – Legendary hardcore band Bane is hitting the road once again on a tour they’re saying is their last, until the next one.

Bass player James Siboni spoke to The Hard Times about the mixed emotions that come with the announcement. “This tour is going to be hard for all of us in the band; there have been so many friends we made on the road. People really took care of us, so saying farewell will be tough.” Siboni then added, “Thankfully we will probably be saying hello to all those same people in about eight to 10 months. Hopefully even some new friends in New Zealand. That would be amazing.”

Bane has been a staple of the hardcore music scene for the past 20 years, performing all over the world with almost unmatched energy. Few hardcore bands have accomplished what Bane has over the years.

“They single-handedly changed the game when it came to hardcore merchandise. Before Bane came along, most hardcore bands stayed away from hooded zip-ups, saying that the zipper was basically impossible to work around,” hardcore historian Barry Weiss said. “But then, Bane changed the game. Hardcore has never been the same.”


The final tour is set to take place this spring, and spans the United States from coast to coast. With the possibility of this being the final Bane tour – until the next one, frontman Aaron Bedard wrote a message to the friends and fans that have followed Bane through all the years.

“Thank you all for the support, this is it for us. We have had a great run, and it has truly been a pleasure to meet so many people that were positively influenced by our music. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end – but to everyone out there that has been so generous to us, please do not turn your guest rooms into an office or something. If you do, at least leave a pull out couch in there…just in case, you know.”