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Aging EDM Artist Just Projecting Visuals of Summer Vacation to Grand Canyon During Live Show

LAS VEGAS — Los Angeles-based EDM artist SKRZ reportedly just projected photos and movies from his family vacation to the Grand Canyon during his set last night at the Free Lollipop Music Festival, according to awed sources.

Typically known for a stunning live show featuring lasers and geometric fractal forms projected on multiple billboard-size screens, the 53-year-old musician and his VJ prepared an informative Powerpoint presentation of photographs from his most recent family getaway to the famed national park.

“I mean… I don’t know. I guess he’s getting older and more sentimental, or something,” said fan Emily Harris. “But right when the beat was about to drop, the music cut, and we all just stood in silence while he explained how the Colorado River carved out the canyon 6 million years ago.”

“I can usually stay awake for five days, but that was putting me to sleep,” she added.

Known for a quiet lifestyle away from the media, the rare, behind-the-scenes look at SKRZ’s personal life came as a surprise to his die-hard fans — many of whom feigned interest over the “super boring” slideshow while smiling politely.

“I’ve had business meetings with the guy once a week for eight years, and I’ve never seen his face — his head’s always covered with that oversized helmet. But then, all of a sudden, he’s projecting a dozen selfies of him and his kids in an Airbnb yurt?” said manager Ryan West. “Save that stuff for your in-laws, man. You can’t expect us to sit through that.”

Not all festival goers were put-off by the Grammy-winning musician’s unique live show, however, which included an immersive video experience.

“Right when I was peaking — and I mean peaking — he played a GoPro video of his family whitewater rafting, and I was bugging the fuck out,” exclaimed fan Lorenzo Lori while drinking a gallon jug of water. “It was the trippiest experience of my life. Best show ever.”