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Six Songs We’re Listening To This Week That Are More Coherent Than Anything Said in the Debate

If you saw the latest spectacle that was the first Presidential Debate of the 2024 election season, your nerves are likely as shot as your brain is dead. While we can’t quickly fix the current trajectory of the nation, we can at least help soothe your low-grade panic attack with some new music. Here are six songs you can play on repeat while you look up the cost of moving to Canada.

MJ Lenderman “She’s Leaving You”

Although more popularly known as the guitar virtuoso of indie-rockers Wednesday, MJ Lenderman has a well-established solo career of his own. This week, he dropped the excellent ‘She’s Leaving You’ from his upcoming fourth LP, ‘Manning Fireworks.’ It’s a blast of sunny yet somber 90’s indie rock that is sure to have you considering unblocking your ex. It’s still a bad idea in case you needed to hear it.

chest. “Going Clear”

Tuck that t-shirt in because the post-punk invasion is in full bloom. New to the fold is the Parisian quintet known as chest. Don’t try to Google them unless you feel like being convinced that you’re having a heart attack or that you need to update your workout regimen, but do give their absolute banger of a debut single ‘Going Clear’ several listens.

Gel “Persona”

If you’ve been by the office recently and have been wondering about all the plywood in the windows, it’s there because one of hardcore’s most exciting new bands, Gel, are back at it. Our landlord said he won’t replace the windows again after what happened when the band’s debut album dropped. One listen to their latest ‘Persona,’ and you’ll understand the precautionary measures taken here.

Weezer “Surf Wax America fr. Joyce Manor”

Weezer’s massively successful ‘Blue Album’ is somehow celebrating its 30th goddamn anniversary this year. The band is obviously in full celebration mode. Earlier this week, they dropped a live EP with arrangements of classic songs from the album. Most notably, they recorded a new version of ‘Surf Wax America’ with noted Weezer disciple Barry Johnson of Joyce Manor. It’s a massive nod to the continued influence of the record, and Johnson’s palpable joy on the track is infectious.

Bright Eyes “Bells and Whistles”

Like your student loan debt and cockroaches after a nuclear war, some things just refuse to die. Take Bright Eyes for example. Despite having already released enough classic genre-defying albums to fill a psych ward, the band is showing no signs of bowing out with the announcement of a new album ‘Five Dice, All Threes.’ The lead single ‘Bells and Whistles’ will transport you to a smoky bar circa 2005, before you knew about all the horrors of 2015-onward.

Nada Surf “New Propeller”

Indie-rock cult legends Nada Surf are set to release the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Never Not Together’ in just a few months. With only two singles released thus far, ‘Moon Mirror’ is already shaping up to be another classic from the New York quartet. The latest ‘New Propeller’ is a meditation on the unrelenting tides of change, and promises the listener that the core of themselves will remain recognizable. That’s a bit depressing in your case, but still a nice thought.

Because we know you’re too despondent to do it yourself, we’ve compiled these and several other questionable tunes into a playlist for you. It’s literally the least we could do. Click here to like, follow, and trick your friends into thinking you aren’t having full-blown anxiety about everything.