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Six Songs We Listened To This Week While Preparing To Look Directly Into The Sun

Eclipse season is upon us again, and if you’ve found yourself on a road trip to decimate some small town’s economy for a chance to hang out in the path of totality, you’re probably trying to craft some playlists that will impress your friends in the car. Most people think to go for the classics when out on the open road, but you want a leg up. We’re here to help. Here are some of the hottest tracks our staff found while searching “new music” on Google.

Better Lovers “The Flowering”

We hope you’ve drafted a will, because Better Lovers are back and their new single might just kill you. “The Flowering” wastes no time kicking you square in the jaw. After the absolute heart attack that is the song’s intro, you’ll be wondering how you’ll ever be able to stand again if you even survive the onslaught of punishing riffs and hooks. Our intern made the mistake of listening to this one on an empty stomach and he hasn’t left the hospital since.

Knocked Loose “Don’t Reach For Me”

Everyone at the office has been afflicted with a permanent stank face since Knocked Loose dropped their latest, sludgiest track ‘Don’t Reach For Me’ on Wednesday. Singles as heavy as this one should really come with a disclaimer about the risks of permanent facial disfiguration. Quite frankly, most of us didn’t even think it was legal to produce such disgusting guitar tones. Our lawyers will be looking into it as soon as the dizziness wears off from all the spin-kicks they were doing earlier.

Frail Body “Refrain”

Don’t worry, no one is screaming in the apartment below you. That’s just what “Refrain” from Frail Body’s latest album ‘Artificial Bouquet’ sounds like. Perhaps the vocals only appear muffled due to the absolute ocean of guitar fuckery laid atop the arrangement, leaving little to no breathing room for anything else in a truly epic sonic assault. You’ll probably want to reserve this one for a headphone listen unless you want your dickhead neighbor Greg to call the cops again.

Dreamcar “Moonage Daydream”

Have you ever wondered what No Doubt would sound like if they had to back Davey Havok from AFI? Neither have we, but it’s apparently been a thing since 2017. The supergroup, Dreamcar, just dropped their aptly titled new EP, ‘Dream.’ The road-worn stylings of all involved make for a goth-pop joyride that’s crisp enough to be played at Spencers instead of Hot Topic. “Moonage Daydream” plays true to the original Bowie version with as much No Doubt and Havok fuckery as you would expect.

Cloud Nothings “Silence”

In case your most depressed skater friend hasn’t told you, Cloud Nothings are preparing to release their eighth album, ‘Final Summer.’ If the lead singles have been any indicator, the album will be a testament to the band’s consistency and a continuation of the gritty return to form found on 2021’s ‘The Shadow I Remember.’ The most recent advance track, ‘Silence,’ proves that it’s impossible for the Cleveland trio to craft something that isn’t the hookiest, grungiest song you’ve ever heard. It would be kind of infuriating if it weren’t so satisfying.

The Flaming Lips and Stardeath And White Dwarfs “Eclipse feat. Henry Rollins”

Sure this one isn’t new, but it does literally mention an eclipse. It’s also not as off-putting as blaring an actual Pink Floyd song while five of your friends are crammed into your friend Dan’s little subcompact. (Seriously, guys, you couldn’t rent a van for this?). Not only that, but it features Henry Rollins doing some crazy high backup vocals. No one will appreciate it more than the friend who brought shrooms for everyone, but it will surely be enjoyed by all.

Since there are only about twenty minutes of music here, you’re probably wondering what to listen to for the remaining four hours of your drive. Don’t worry, we have you covered with a massive and disorienting playlist. Click here to listen and dazzle your friends with your newfound relevancy.