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50 Best Music References In “The Venture Bros.” Ranked By What They Signal From The Illuminati

20. The Walls From The Man Who Fell To Earth

When Dr. Mrs. The Monarch is in her Council of 13 private room in “All That And Gargantua 2,” the walls have a pattern of tubes extending out much like walls of inside the spaceship from the Bowie movie “The Man Who Fell To Earth” as well as the album cover for “Station To Station.” “Station To Station” is also known as the beginning of the period where Bowie goes off the deep end much like how the not-Bowie Sovereign is burning everything down. Is this even a reference or is this just a similar-looking room by coincidence? Everything has to be a reference right? Nothing can just be something the animators thought looked cool?

19. Alien Sex Fiend

The Alchemist claims he used to go to the London nightclub The Batcave back when Nik Fiend was the doorman. This is made as a distraction to Triana from the truth, just like how the government distracts us with sexy alien goth news stories.

18. Underbheit’s White Wedding

When Dean almost marries Baron Underbheit, the wedding ring put on his finger is spiked and causes pain exactly like the ring for the Billy Idol music video for “White Wedding.” The lyrics, “It’s a nice day to start again” is hinting at the great reset.

17. Hungry Like A Wolf

At the thrilling beginning of season 2, Doctor Venture runs away from his responsibilities to travel the world. When Doc is on all fours in the jungle with a woman scratching his face you might have noticed that is a recreation of the Duran Duran music video “Hungry Like A Wolf.” Duran Duran is named after the Barbarella character who is attempting to overthrow the space Queen, once again bring us back to the monarchy and secret wars.

16. Frankie Says Relax

In the music video for “Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood,” a man enters a nightclub where he is dragged on stage and treated like a toy as he is spun around on a giant wheel. This pretty much is what happens to Rusty in the episode “Bot Seeks Bot.” The most specific similarity is when a chubby on a balcony viewed at the same angle as the music video is giving orders. Only of course this time the chubby man is sewn to Buddy Holly and shouting “Ass to Ass!” These subtle references subconsciously know that they should “relax” and be complacent with our society.

15. The Dungeonmaster

When Rusty is being spun on a wheel of different torture options at the previously mentioned nightclub, one of the options says “W.A.S.P.”, a reference to the metal band W.A.S.P. who had an appearance in the 1984 film “The Dungeonmaster.” In the film an evil sorcerer puts a man through various challenges and one of them features his girlfriend being tortured on stage at a W.A.S.P. concert as they sing about being tormentors. This is a signal to the actual evil sorcerers that work within our shadows.

14. The Blue Monday Rumor

In their farewell movie “Radiant Is The Blood Of The Baboon Heart,” White compares the Helper Pods to the long-running rumor that New Order lost money with the specific packaging choice used for their single “Blue Monday.” This is the Illuminati message that “The Venture Bros.” was a show way too well animated for a shoddy company like Warner Bros to be expected to pay.

13. Jacket Song

The “Shallow Gravy” song by Jacket, in which they just list off different jackets, is inspired by the Bauhaus song “Scopes” in which the band just lists off different types of scopes. What few people realize is that the Scopes Monkey Trial was a misdirect from the Jacket Monkey Trial in which evolution was proven wrong.

12. The Jacket Music Video

The music video for Jacket featured references to music videos such as Bananaram’s “Venus,” Joy Division’s “Atmosphere,” Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy,” Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start The Fire, “3rd Bass’s “Pop Goes The Weasel,” as well as the trend of fisheye lens music videos in the ’90s and those cool painted backgrounds in Fresh Prince videos. Speaking of “We Didn’t Start The Fire,” Dr. Dugong is accused of being a child of thalidomide, which is also one of the weirdest lines from that song. Was that a direct reference? Probably not but it wouldn’t be shocking to learn the creators love reciting that line. Either way, look into everything listed by Billy Joel in that song and you will find a list of everything the elite have manipulated

11. The Residents

I know that when you see the Alchemist holding up a giant eye while joking he’s in The Residents you are trying to watch this epic season 2 finale, but that is the perfect time to talk over the television to lecture people about the greatest art rock band of all time. There’s no time to break down the importance of Ralph Records, Snakefinger, or the Randy Rose saga into one paragraph, but it is safe to say that the secret members of The Residents are all referenced by name throughout the episode. Those members would be Nien Nunb, Jimmy Buffet, Montel Williams, and a second Nieb Nunb.

10. Duran Duran

In season 6 of the show there is an entire plot revolving around the Duran Duran music video “Is There Something I Should Know?” In the episode Augustus St. Cloud holds the red ball from the music video as if it is a magical sacred object and even goes on to quote “The Reflex.” As established earlier on this list, a Duran Duran reference is a code for the enemy of the Royal Family, and as St. Cloud was trying to destroy the history of Duran Duran, so has another billionaire taken down the Monarchy’s opposition.

9. The Teachings Of Baba Oje

In “Operation P.R.O.M.,” Henchman 21 is upset to learn that Mr. Wendal of the Arrested Development music video Mr. Wendal is not in fact a real person who haunts the afterlife but rather was played by spiritual leader/band member Baba Oje. This is a signal for when the real-life Baba Oje was announced dead and how you should refuse to believe such.

8. Major Tom and Action Man

“The Venture Bros.” recreated the lyrics for “Space Oddity” and “Ashes To Ashes” as an intense adventure during Jonas Venture’s days of glory. The name of Major Tom’s ship is another Bowie song. The Action Man ends up getting seven seasons of character development just so Doc and Jackson could originally quote a David Bowie song. As the Action Man was having sex with Major Tom’s wife, you know now to not trust the Action Man. Every time you see the Action Man on screen, it is the TV show letting you know that someone is having sex with your spouse at that exact moment.

7. Elton Motello/The Damned

Henchmen 21 and 24 propose going their own way as villains under the names Jet Boy and Jet Girl as an homage to the Elton Motello song. The iconic line “He gives me head” brings new meaning with the way 21 last sees 24 in the season 3 finale. They focus on the French song being covered by The Damned who have a drummer named Rat Scabies. Within a year of the episode, a rat scabies plague “mysteriously” hit France.

6. The Comforting Music Of Technotronic

A dying guild agent wishes to be comforted with the soothing serenade of a Technotronic song. Brock respects his wishes and sings “Move This.” Some say the song sung backward is the recipe for immortality.

5. The Flight Of The Monarch Book

In season one, The Monarch is angry to discover a book is published that features a photo of him at the famous nightclub Danceteria making out with Lydia Lunch and Stiv Bators. Can only imagine that the making out involved the Dead Boys’s singer sucking on The Monarch’s long eyebrows. Both Bators and Lunch were puppeteers in MK Ultra alongside the monarchy.

4. The End

While Brock is hunting down his mentor “Apocalypse Now” style, a non-copyrighted version of “The End” by The Doors is playing in the background. Meanwhile, a tripping from poison Hank is reciting the Oedipus lines from the song while flailing his arms like Jim Morrison and stabbing his dad with a paper mache sword. Long story short, Marlon Brando was a mother fucker.

3. Rusty’s “Muse”

In “Perchance To Dean,” Doctor Venture reveals the key to scientific innovation is not by research, but by listening to progressive rock. The entire episode has references to King Crimson, Yes, and Pink Floyd. Among these, Doc reveals he named his son after prog rock album cover artist Roger Dean. Roger Dean would often paint floating islands, dragons, and other imagery perfect for painting on the side of a van. Since Rusty loves prog rock album art so much, we were robbed of Dr. Venture ever trying to invent the armadillo tank from “Tarkus” by Emerson, Lake, and Palmer. Do you want to learn more about that? Why are you scrolling away before I get to the Illuminati part?

2. David Bowie and Friends

Besides the “Thin White Douche” being head of the Guild, he is accompanied by frequent collaborators such as Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, and Klaus Nomi. This is filled with references such as Eno riding a warm jet, Iggy quoting “Search and Destroy,” Nomi quoting his cover of “The Witch Is Dead,” and Bowie quoting “Oh, You Pretty Things” as if it were a line from an action movie. It is at this very moment that the show became clear with its intentions. Bowie and friends all control a secret evil organization, therefore all musicians on screen are code for when the secret evil messages are on screen. Makes sense doesn’t it? What controls the flow of the universe more than music, and who is better to represent than a singer who is incredibly famous, influential, and has mysterious lyrics like Let’s Dance?

1. The VH1 Society Underneath The Compound

In “What Goes Down, Must Come Up,” a society underneath the compound is discovered who somehow got access to VH1. We get a reference to Kieth Flint of The Prodigy in the music video for “Firestarter” who is then followed up by the people from the Art of Noise music video “Close (To The Edit)” which is also a song that is sampled in “Firestarter.” If that’s complicated a reference enough, Rusty later sees a guy dressed up as Trevor Horn in “Video Killed The Radio Star” who was also a member of Art of Noise. Other people in the underground society are dressed as Bowie in “Ashes To Ashes,” Michael Jackson in “Thriller,” Thor from the metal band Thor, General Boy and Booji Boy of Devo, and numerous others. It’s a rabbit hole of different music video references you can either just laugh at how ridiculous it is or go insane trying to decode which each one is from. This brings us to the problem. If this scene is so layered in references, it is nearly impossible to decode what it means. Legend has it that this puzzle, once solved, will awaken a new dawn of enlightenment upon this Earth. The people who operate in the shadows do not want us to know, which is why ’80s music videos have been on the decline since 1990. Don’t let them fool you. Keep your mind open and watch lots of VH1! Only then will you truly understand what is behind the music!

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