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50 Best Music References In “The Venture Bros.” Ranked By What They Signal From The Illuminati


30. Freddie Mercury

One of the guild members is named Mr. Farenheit/The Supersonic Man. He looks like Freddie Mercury and has superspeed just like how the song “Can’t Stop Me Now” has lyrics about traveling at the speed of light. Once again, an allusion to the Queen and Royal Crown in general.

29. Smalltown Boy

Early on in the movie “Radiant Is The Blood Of The Baboon Heart,” a runaway Hank runs onto a train and thinks about his past much like the music video for the song “Smalltown Boy” by The Bronksi Beat complete with the music. Smalltown Boy is a great song about a teenager running away from home due to homophobia, so let’s say this has to do with the gay agenda or something.

28. The Crash Test Dummies

During JJ’s funeral, the Pirate Captain sings a sad sea chanty which is just “Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm” by Crash Test Dummies. This is either because the Pirate Captain has a tendency to fake his pirate lore or because JJ was requesting the song “At My Funeral” by Crash Test Dummies and there was a who’s on first misunderstanding. Either way, the Weird Al version of this song features stories about John Wayne Bobbit, Tanya Harding, and the caning incident in Singapore. All three of these events were false flags.

27. Steve Albini

While Pete White is mixing the “Shallow Gravy” song in the episode “Bot Seeks Bot,” Billy refers to him as “Steve Albino.” This is a pun on Steve Albini, famous musician, audio engineer, and producer. This episode came out around the time Steve Albini was good friends with someone who much like Billy is small with some abnormalities. This friend of Steve’s of course was Lil’ Bub the internet cat. This is the message that Lil Bub, much like Billy, was once used as a government weapon.

26. Tubular Bells

When The Monarch is torturing Venture by hitting him inside a giant bell, his neighbor Flying Squid thinks he’s blasting “Tubular Bells” by Mike Oldfield. “Tubular Bells” was an important album for the soundtrack to “The Exorcist.” So in other words, this is satanic imagery buried so deep in pop culture references that one does not even notice.

25. A Town Called Malice

The Jam song “A Town Called Malice” gets hinted at when it shows all the Super Villians living in a suburb called… well… Malice. What most people do not know is that the song is a trigger for specific sleeper assassins.

24. Our Lips Are Sealed

In “Operation P. R. O. M.,” Pete White shows how much of a new wave hipster he is by thinking he can liven up a dance floor better with the Fun Boy Three version of “Our Lips Are Sealed” despite the Go-Go’s version being a perfect option. Why prefer Fun Boy Three over the Go-Go’s? Well, the Go-Go’s are American while the Fun Boy Three are as you may have guessed, from under the land of the monarchy. Once again an illusion to the shadowy manipulation that the Royal family holds.

23. KISS Comic

Doc says the Sr. Henry Killinger took enough blood from him to make a KISS comic book in reference to the band using their own blood for coloring of their Marvel comic book. This is not unlike how every frame of the Venture Bros is colored with the blood of the innocent sacrificed to color every frame of the show.

22. The Village People

When we see the O.S.I. in the ’80s, they are a parody of G.I. Joe. Since G.I. Joe is made to each have their own shtick, the O.S.I. is simultaneously made to also look like the Village People. Either that, or more directly they are just alluding to the Village People being propaganda to join the Navy.

21. The Monarch Sings The Cure

When The Monarch is putting on prosthetics to go into disguise, he says “It’s so smooth, it even feels like skin. It tells me how it feels to be new” which are lyrics from “Kyoto Song” by The Cure. This episode came out in 2013, not long after the expiration of the first commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol. Who says the lines again? That’s right “The Monarch”, once again alluding back to our British friends.

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