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12 Times Celebrities Absolutely Roasted Interviewers Who Were Just Doing Their Job Asking Perfectly Appropriate Questions

Sometimes interviewers can push celebrities over the edge and get a steaming heapful of their own arrogance hurled back in their faces. Other times interviewers are just hardworking professionals trying to feed content to a needy public, and in no way deserve to be screwed by these famous and powerful jerks. Here are just a few examples of the latter.

Jeff Goldblum

When an interviewer for TV Guide asked him “what’s a project you’re really excited about right now?” Mr. Goldblum was less than eloquent as he stuttered back “I, um, well, um, I, I, fuck your daughter everyday, um, and I, um, that’s exciting for me.”

Winona Ryder

Ryder may have been having a bad day when a writer for The Nickelodeon Times asked if she had any fun stories from being on the set of “Stranger Things” and she aggressively corrected “It’s pronounced “Stranger Thangs,” you illiterate boob!”

Harry Styles

When asked by Cigar Aficionado Magazine if he had any hobbies, Styles responded “Yeah, answering shitass questions like that one all the time. You suck. And I think you smell. Is that your hobby? Being smelly?” It was only later revealed, after intense research, that being smelly is not actually a hobby.

Idris Elba

In 2014, The Driftwood Quarterly sat down for an interview with Elba only to be met with 10 solid minutes of dead, withering silence. To this day neither party has addressed exactly what in the fuck that was all about.

Chris Evans
When asked about his diet by The Cliffjumper Review, Evan bluntly replied “Glass. Sometimes I put it in my eyes. Sometimes in my butt. Also, I’ve been experimenting with smoothies.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

There may have been some miscommunication when a ski journalist for Skiing Magazine asked Ms. Jessica Parker if she liked skiing and she asked “Is that that thing where you dig up a freshly buried corpse and try to reanimate it? Because I really like that. “

JK Rowling

“I only read receipts and the inside of Laffy Taffy wrappers,” was Rowling’s response when the editors of Charlie Chaplin’s Mustache Press asked who some of her literary influences are.

Dolphin Boy

It’s hard to be a half-dolphin half-boy. Which may be why DB, when asked by Wine Journal if he could even understand human language, screeched “Eeeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeeee” repeatedly.

Ryan Reynolds

It’s unclear what kind of article the editors of GlugaGluga Print were planning when they asked Reynold “who’s your favorite Little Rascal?” So it kinda made sense that he responded “Me. I’m a little rascal. Just a rascally little scamp. Rasc-ing around and such. Just a little guy. I.” Everyone involved in this one was fucking weird.

Kim Kardashian

Business Addict Magazine asked Kardashian “what do you think is the most important thing for succeeding in business?” Alarmingly, she sort of revealed a definite falsehood: “I wear a top and a monocle everywhere I go. I’m wearing them right now, but they’re invisible.”

Taylor Swift

The interview hadn’t even begun when a writer for The Journal of Oversized Slacks asked “How are you today?” and Swift responded without prompting “Canada is a brutally worthless country.”

Jeffrey Dahmer

Since Jeffrey Dahmer is apparently a celebrity now, back when he was still on death row an interviewer for the Milwaukee Police Department asked him when the rest of the bodies were and he simply grinned and patted his stomach repeatedly.