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11 Celebrities Who Committed Crimes You Probably Never Heard About

Famous people often receive special treatment as a result of their celebrity status. But you might be surprised to learn how many of them have committed heinous crimes…and in some cases, got away with it. Here are some shocking crimes committed by celebrities you probably haven’t heard about.

Bill Gates, Possession of Contraband

Billy G found himself in a bit of hot water after an anonymous tip led authorities to search his home, revealing a collection of dozens of black market Fabergé eggs. Gates was released with probation under the condition he stop attempting to make “billionaire omelets” out of the priceless heirlooms.

Glenn Close, Boat Theft

Close once faced a sentence of up to 15 years in prison after attempting to hijack a speedboat while high on bath salts. Fortunately, she was let off with a warning after the judge in her case mysteriously disappeared and the filming of “101 Dalmatians” continued undelayed.

Jimmy Fallon, Gang Activity

Prior to his esteemed career in late night, Fallon was a feared, high-ranking member of the Mexican mafia. Known only by his gang name, Los Coliflor (The Cauliflower), he was sentenced to three years in a Mexico City prison for forcing a rival gang member to cut off his own ears. He would later replicate the bit in several sketches for “Saturday Night Live.”

Donnie Wahlberg, Assault / General Crappiness

Following his brother Mark’s example, Donnie Wahlberg also committed numerous hate crimes during the ‘80s. He was later granted a mistrial on the technicality of “mom said I could do it too.”

JK Rowling, Disorderly Conduct

At the height of her fame, Rowling was detained after drunkenly groping fans outside of a book signing. She was held by police for nine days and has said in interviews that she used the experience as inspiration for her as of yet unpublished manuscript, “Harry Potter and the Fingerbang Lockup.”

Jake Gyllenhaal, Drug Trafficking

Gyllenhaal was arrested by border patrol officers when they discovered nearly thirty kilos of cocaine he was attempting to smuggle in his rectum. When the highly successful film star was asked why he was drug muleing such a gargantuan amount of narcotics he responded “I dunno. I just wanted to.”

Jeff Foxworthy, Snowman Identity Theft

Though the charge was later dropped, Foxworthy spent nearly eleven months in federal custody for impersonating a snowman. Courts eventually dismissed the case and “stupid” and “not a crime.”

Madonna, Animal Endangerment / Unlicensed Rocketry

In 1993, police and Humane Society officials were called to the singer’s home after neighbors reported “excessive meowing” coming from inside. It was later reported that authorities confiscated dozens of stray cats and pieces of a homemade rocket ship from the premises. Most court files remain closed but Madonna was required to appear in numerous Peta ads under the terms of her settlement.

Jennifer Lawrence, Attempted Murder of a Service Industry Employee

Lawrence was arrested in 2014 after repeatedly assaulting a barista at a Des Moines, Iowa, Starbucks. By the time authorities arrived the barista reportedly had no teeth left and had been forcibly fed more than fourteen pounds of dark roast grounds. It took six officers to restrain Lawrence and she is said to have screamed “bet you never fuck up a chai again now you hillbilly coffee bitch!”

Al Roker, Reckless Endangerment

Notorious daredevil Al Roker once successfully jumped his motorcycle over a record 16 school buses. He was later arrested for driving 125 mph in a school zone.

Meryl Streep, Betrayal of the American Public

Using her prestigious acting career as a cover, Streep served as a sleeper agent for the Bulgarian government for more than 40 years prior to her apprehension by the FBI. While being held for high treason after leaking hundreds of national secrets to hostile foreign powers, she was somehow able to escape from a maximum security holding facility. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.trayal of the American Public