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10 Queer Punk Bands That You Need to Listen to Before the End of the Day or You Aren’t a True Ally

If you’re into buttstuff and like loud, scuzzy, guitar music, there aren’t very many gay bars out there for you. So, as we were hearing ‘Dancing on my Own’ for the billionth time, we asked if we owned our own queer space what music would we play? Well, check the list below for some queer punk bands that would be on the regular rotation.

Pansy Division

When it comes to queercore, these guys are the daddies so to speak. I don’t mean that in the fetish sense, more they were one of the first and best queer punk bands out there. Though, given their advanced age, I suppose they technically fall into the daddy category.


Fronted by LGBTQ icon Beth Ditto, these Arkansas punks met at Evergreen State College and were a part of the Kill Rock Stars lineup. Their sound is perfect for the more dance-oriented queer clubs. You could theoretically open a pit on the dance floor but best to read the room before trying.

Hunx and his Punx

Frontman Seth Bogart frequently performs in nothing but a leather jacket and a leopard print thong. Hunx takes the late 70s snotty sound of Richard Hell and The Dead Boys and adds more than a touch of John Waters-style camp and ’60s girl group hooks. Though you’d be forgiven if you spent the whole time just staring at his beautiful ass.

Green Day

As we do not do bi-erasure here, we’re including the iconic ‘90s punks fronted by openly bisexual Billie Joe Armstrong. “Coming Clean” is an introspective track about one’s sexuality. Also, let’s not forget that ode to gender benders “King for a Day.” So now that you know Armstrong is bi, that one line in “Basket Case” kind of makes more sense, yeah? Way to be heteronormative.

Dead Milkmen

I guess this is a bit of a stretch as they didn’t sing about queer topics, though their lyrics had that sort of detached shade that only gay men are capable of. I guess that’s why Joe Genarro wrote such great lyrics. It was kind of nice to learn that the frontman of one of the best ’80s bands is a fellow butt boy.

Excuse 17

Before St. Vincent, Portlandia, and even Sleater-Kinney, punk legend Carrie Brownstein played in this early riot grrrl outfit out of Portland that also was rooted in the queercore scene. So I guess they were a twofer? Anyway, listen to this album anytime you hear a more recent Sleater-Kinney record and are wondering what went wrong. This or any of Sleater-Kinney first eight albums.

Hüsker Dü

Grant Hart and Bob Mould are bisexual and gay icons. But more than that, they made some of the best guitar music of the ’80s. Mould and Hart later clashed over creative control and drugs, which, if you’ve ever been out on a Saturday night in Bushwick or West Hollywood, you’d know is pretty gay. If your favorite bear night has been overrun by twinks, consider seeing a Bob Mould show.

Limp Wrist

Taking their cues from early queer punk legends Randy Turner and Gary Floyd, they brought a queer sensibility to the otherwise macho hardcore scene. So keep that in mind before queuing them up on the jukebox, the bartender will likely skip them for killing the place’s “vibe.”


Coming out of the Olympia, WA scene, these riot grrls were brash, loud, and unapologetic in singing their truth. Play “One More Hour” a track written about Corin Tucker and Carrie Brownstein’s romantic relationship coming to an end and try not to feel heartbroken as well.

Against Me!

Fronted by all-around badass Laura Jane Grace, Against Me! May possibly be Florida’s only positive contribution to contemporary music. Transgender Dysphoria Blues is a modern punk classic dealing with Grace’s gender transition. Play them as a nice fuck you to any Daily Wire spewing aunts you have to deal with.