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10 Indie Sleaze Bands You Probably Forgot About Because You Spent Your 20s Blackout Drunk

It’s finally happened, Millennials. Younger generations have discovered and repackaged our early 2000s indie subculture (which itself was already a repackaging of earlier subcultures) and turned it into a glib TikTok trend. While the continued commodification of our youth is gross, the ascension of Indie Sleaze has lead to the rediscovery of many great bands. Sure, the big acts like Jack White, the Strokes, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs have maintained varying degrees of relevance, but what about all those bands from the bottom of the Pitchfork Music Festival poster? These are 10 indie sleaze bands you probably forgot about.


Not to be confused with a popular computer programming language, the difficult to Google Cansei De Ser Sexy (more commonly referred to as CSS) wrote dance-punk tunes tailormade to fuel drunken, string-light illuminated dorm room parties. They are also, along with LCD Soundsystem, members of a very exclusive club of Indie Sleaze bands whose biggest hit namedrops another indie sleaze artist (in CSS’s case, the hipster anthem “Let’s Make Love and Listen to Death from Above.”)

Miike Snow

Remember how smug you felt telling everyone that Miike Snow isn’t a guy but instead the name of the band? You used to be cool, remember? You rode a ten speed and wore American Apparel briefs. Now you work in a cubicle. What happened to you?


No, not those guys. I’m talking about the other French electronic duo. The ones that are not robots (at least as far as we know). Justice has only released three albums since 2007’s “Cross,” the most recent coming in 2016. However, you do have them to thank for ensuring every American Millennial knows how to spell “D.A.N.C.E.” no matter how badly the US school system failed us.

Art Brut

You almost certainly never wondered “what if Mark E. Smith?” was funny, but the answer to that question is Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos. The London band injected some much needed self-deprecating humor into an otherwise dour scene that included self-serious bands as Bloc Party and the Bravery (both of whom Argos coincidentally had beef with back in the day).

Junior Senior

Ok, I may not like the term “Indie Sleaze” but I can’t think of a better phrase that encapsulates Junior Senior. With their jean jackets, distressed visors, danceable indie pop, and album covers seemingly ripped from an IPod commercial, this duo was one of the sleaziest Indie Sleaze bands to ever sleaze.

Peter Bjorn & John

While “Writer’s Block” was a great album, “Young Folks” was an absolute song of the summer contender in 2006. Back then you probably imagined this banger was written just for you and all your friends. But it, in fact, wasn’t written for you. You were just on ecstasy.

The Von Bondies

If you remember the Von Bondies, it’s likely for one of two reasons – the lead singer getting into a fist fight with Jack White, and for penning the theme song to a Dennis Leary TV show about an alcoholic firefighter haunted by 9/11. The band released their last album in 2009 and disbanded in 2011, but for what it’s worth “c’mon c’mon” still rips.

The Rapture

Unfortunately for conservative Christians, this was not the Rapture they were anticipating when Obama took office. But for a solid decade there, it was impossible to go to any faux-dive with a dance floor and not hear “House of Jealous Lovers” on any given weekend.

Mando Diao

Yes, a THIRD Swedish band. Believe it or not, from 2002-2006 Indie Sleaze was Sweden’s top export, briefly edging out reliable luxury cars and trendy clothing with cheap stitching. Actually, considering H&M is from Sweden, the nordic country was definitely having a moment in the Aughts.

The Blood Brothers

Yes, The Blood Brothers featured two singers – one guttural and deep and one high-pitched and whiny. And their songs had titles like “Love Rhymes with Hideous Car Wreck” and “My First Kiss at the Public Execution.” But believe it or not, they were not emo. Instead they made danceable post-hardcore perfect for thrashing about in your childhood bedroom while sporting a youth medium thrift store shirt for a marathon you never ran.