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We Look Back on Sonic Youth’s Goo Even Though We’re Like 24 and Don’t Remember It

It’s important to revisit the albums that we imagine shaped us.

Sonic Youth released Goo over 28 years ago and While it would eventually be overshadowed by albums like Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth and Dirty by Sonic Youth, the number of t-shirts and posters the album cover can still be found on speaks for itself. Today, our staff of 20-somethings offer their views on Goo, an album they have most certainly at least heard of.

Lauren Lavín
“It really had a profound effect on the bands and music my older boyfriend would recommend to me.”

Shawn Murray
“I’ve heard older dudes at concerts mention this album with enough frequency that I’m comfortable calling it an all-time classic, sight unseen.”

Dan Rice
“This album is a perfect example of what I bet ‘iconic’ means. I used to rush home after school and fire up the digital cable to see if VH1 Classics was playing the ‘Dirty Boots’ video. They never once did, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered back then was baseball.”

Zach Raffio

“I first heard ‘Kool Thing’ while playing Guitar Hero – it was the first song that I could play on Hard. Not perfect, but pretty good.”

Mal Whitfield

“It’s crazy that Thurston Moore sat on his own balls while they were recording the album. They had to take the rest of the day off.”

Erek Smith
“On the cover they wear sunglasses and turtlenecks like Andy Warhol and I heard he was big deal”

Kyle Sekaquaptewa
“The cover art really inspired me to make a shirt with a slightly tweaked version of the cover and an ironic quote on it. I hear the guitar work is incredible throughout the whole thing. Also, what’s a guitar?”

Tim Nash
“Most people seem to prefer Daydream Nation. Probably because it’s better.”

Bob Hoste
“Is that the one with ‘Daydream Nation’ on it? No, wait, that was Daydream Nation. Could you come back to me later?”

Tom Krasner
“As soon as I read the first few paragraphs on the wikipedia page, I was hooked”

Tyler Lebens
“According to wikipedia, the band made use of alternative tunings. I guess being innovative must have been a lot easier back then.”

James Webster
Wait shit, that’s an album? I just got this t-shirt at an urban outfitters. Next you’re gonna tell me that “Unknown Pleasures” is an album. Or that shirt that says “SWANS” with the teeth on it.

Lucas Passarella
“I remember going to Sonic’s drive thru and getting the Goo with my children’s combo”

Jim Stensil
“Every single musician on this album influenced me in a different way. I’m not exactly sure who is in the band, but based on some documentaries I watched I’m pretty sure it’s Thurston Moore, Dave Grohl, Henry Rollins, Beck and Ian MacKaye”

Bobby D. Lux

“I mean, it is what it is, but at least that video saved a bunch of runaways or whatever. Probably all actors anyway, but still.”

Andy Holt
“I imagine Sonic Youth was a good band because they were referenced in Juno, which I imagine was a good movie.”

Dustin Meadows

“I think it was very brave to record that Carpenters cover underwater. Is that on this album?

Layth Sihan

“What are you talking about? The Goo Goo Dolls suck.”

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