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Where Are They Now? NOFX: Oh Wait, There They Are

In 1983, California punk band NOFX began inspiring beer-swilling, floppy-mohawked circle-pitters around the world with their brand of high-energy pop-punk. With the release of the band’s 1994 mega-hit album Punk in Drublic, NOFX reached unseen heights of mainstream popularity. Despite their success, NOFX never stopped doing things their own way and stayed true to their original message and fanbase.

With nearly 60 releases under their collective belt, the four members of NOFX have been admired by the punk and DIY community for more than 20 years. Unfortunately, the last time the band performed live together was, wait… wait are they still together?

Holy shit, they are.

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According to their… Twitter? OK, apparently they have a Twitter account, wasn’t expecting that. It looks like they are on tour right now. Wow, new album out as well. Why didn’t anyone tell me? Dammit. Retrospective journalism is really hot right now and I was kind of hoping this was a band no one had thought of looking back at. Alright anyways…

INSTAGRAM? The band who made an album cover of a guy feeling up a sheep has an Instagram account? Ok, still wearing those plaid pants I see. God dammit, what else have I missed out on?

Well, in journalism you should never expect your subject to behave the way you want them to and I just assumed they were due for some kind of reunion. Fine, good for you NOFX. You’re almost the Rolling Stones of punk, that’s just great.