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Letter to the Editor: The Real Facts About Healing Crystals

To The Editor,

I am writing to express anguish over the bad vibes and malignant energies bombarding the intergalactic star-vessel that is my body as a result of your recent headline “Healing Crystals Don’t Work: I Swallowed 8 So Far and If Anything I Have More Cancer.”

As an alternative practitioner I feel personally attacked by the malicious lies and misinformation presented in this blog post. Turning people away from the curative powers inherent in earthen crystals and gems is irresponsible and dangerous. I have used healing crystals for over 30 years to not only treat but cure cancer in myself and others. Cancer that so called “western medicine” were not able to even detect let alone cure completely.

Healing crystals are in fact proven to work because people have been using them for thousands of years, long before we even knew about things like cancer, organs, books, plumbing, and living past the age of 45.

I am aware that your website traffics in satire, a word that I confess I was previously unfamiliar with. I asked a nephew of mine what it meant and he explained to me that satire is stuff that didn’t really happen but then they write it down anyway because it’s funny. And I am no stranger to comedy! I have seen Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein twice and I thought the parts that weren’t confusing were hysterical! But we need to draw the line somewhere.

I suggest your organization reexamine it’s ethics. There are impressionable people out there on the internet and if your fake blog entry could fool me, an alternative healer with an IQ of Gemeni, it could fool anybody! I need not remind you that spreading lies about alternative medicine is what causes cancer to begin with.

When you joke about the awesome power of healing crystals you not only risk turning impressionable young cancer patients to the butcher shops we call hospitals, you take money out of the hands of alternative practitioners! I can’t afford to be losing patients to propaganda. I already loose enough to death.

In the future before running articles that hurt alternative medicine please consider the plight of people like me who make a living off of this stuff and have a lot of psychiatric medication to pay for.

Nancy Moonriver, “MD”*

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