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5 Women We Interrupted Mid-Sentence to Talk About Our Westworld Theories

Here at Hard Style, we feel that it’s always necessary to cultivate a diversity of perspectives in order to keep our minds fresh and thinking critically. With that in mind we hit the streets to talk to five unique and strong women from various backgrounds and ethnicities to see how they have been feeling since the election of Donald Trump. We specifically wanted to know how they have been coping, continuing their activism, and what positive actions they have taken to help combat the divisiveness they experience on a daily basis. And we almost succeeded, if it weren’t for the fact that we are basically BURSTING at the seams with Westworld theories at the moment! How about that finale? Wow.

1. Ana, Brooklyn, NY

unnamed (14)

“On election day, it felt like a close relative had died as I was watching the returns come in and it became clear what was going to happen. But I also knew that this was just a setback, and”  OH my God that is very interesting, but are you watching Westworld? If you’re not, you can binge through it now that the season just ended. So addictive. I won’t tell you what happened, but if this whole robot consciousness thing ends up happening, we will have a LOT more to worry about than Donald Trump, I’ll tell you that right now. The show is so good, it really makes you think.

2. Yvonne, Minneapolis, MN

unnamed (17)

“My community has been hit hard. It feels like we have a president who truly doesn’t care about my well-being or rights. But our despair is exactly what they want, because when we despair, we lose sight of the goal. We all have to work harder to”  Ok so if “Arnold” was truly behind the reveries in the hosts minds the whole time, and Ford was behind “Arnold,” then that means that Ford had the plan from the very beginning. Ho. Ly. SHIT! Talk about not losing sight of the goal. There was SO much foreshadowing.

3. Kiara, Hoboken, New Jersey

unnamed (16)

“I feel like things have been especially hard for me, because a lot of my family members voted for Trump in the election. Part of me understands the frustration. Hell, I’ve been frustrated for the last 8 years working in marketing, making two thirds of what my male counterparts make. I just wish I could convince my family members that”  So like, “the Bicameral Mind” is the theory that our consciousness is made up of two parts. Our automatic responses to stimuli, i.e., our programming. And our internal monologue which “speaks” to us, almost like we are hearing our own “code.” By programming the hosts with the ability to hear their own internal programming, Arnold was able to give the hosts an approximation of consciousness mirroring that of humans. “The Maze” was meant for the hosts from the start.

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4. Stephanie, Sacramento, CA

unnamed (18)

“We have”  Hold on, I’m on a roll. The hosts are really who we sympathize with as the audience. The human characters are all callous and desensitized; they treat the hosts with complete disregard. We are supposed to feel repulsed by the humans and feel empathy for the robots. It’s seriously masterfully done.

5. Polly, Springfield, IL

unnamed (15)

“…Are you going to let me talk?”

Yeah of course.

“And you’re not going to talk about Westworld?”


“Ok good. I hope in 4 years we can.”  Just one quick sec, I feel like the hosts were given the freedom of choice by Ford. Ford as the God figure has his hosts in this Garden of Eden without consequence, and they are all just searching for meaning. Like each and every one us is just trapped in our little “loops” looking for meaning. He gives them free will and gives them the choice to leave the garden and…
Wow, do you appreciate having more female perspective on the site? Sound off in the comments about whether Dolores truly has free will, or is responding merely to her internal programming!

Article by Mark Turner @Marg_Turder.

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