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PWG Fans Already in Line For BOLA 2017

Fans are already lining up for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla’s highly anticipated 2017 Battle of Los Angeles. The yet to be announced annual three day tournament is expected to take place sometime late in the summer.

PWG fans are no strangers to waiting in long lines before events, and many are willing to wait the eight to nine months outside the American Legion Hall in Reseda, California to assure themselves the best seats for BOLA.

“Lining up is part of the PWG experience,” said Tucker Schmidt while setting up a single person tent outside the building, “Everyone shows up early and jokes around; I’ve met a lot of my best friends in the PWG line. Plus, I got this badass sleeping bag and hot plate for Christmas, so I’m set.”

The line started growing in earnest immediately following Marty Scrull winning BOLA 2016 last September, and was fully wrapped around the building by New Year’s Day.

“All the regulars pretty much just bought the newest Young Bucks merch after night three last year and then jumped right back in line,” said PWG fan Stephanie Lange from the middle of the pack, “Unfortunately, I had to work for a few weeks after that in order to save up for the newest Young Bucks merch next year. I’ve been here since last week, though; hopefully I don’t have stand. I really hope Super Dragon is a surprise entrant this year.”

Even though these fans are already in line for BOLA, there is no guarantee they will be able to buy tickets to the event. BOLA is known to sell out in as quick as two minutes online.

“I’ve got my laptop, my tablet, and my phone all locked onto the ticket page – so I like my chances,” said Schmidt. “I heard Ronda Rousey might be at the show, sitting next to Meltzer. The thought of being in the same room when that is happening will keep me warm throughout this long winter. Also, how sick would it be if Super Dragon was a surprise entrant?”

Photo by @wrestlingheads