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Kenny Omega Giggling Every Time Someone Says “WWE” Around Him

Former IWGP Intercontinental Champion Kenny Omega has been erupting into fits of child-like giggling every time someone mentions WWE around him, sources report.

After his loss at Wrestle Kingdom XI, the leader of Bullet Club announced that his future was “uncertain,” leading many to question whether he will be joining WWE.

Omega held a press conference in Osaka, Japan, earlier today to address these rumors. He stated, as the conference opened, that his wearing a Balor Club shirt was not an indication of his intention to join WWE while holding back a snicker.

When asked whether his future would see him staying in NJPW or if he would be following the two former leaders of Bullet Club to America’s largest promotion, Omega began giggling uncontrollably. After he had calmed down and made sure to hide the new Rolex watch on his wrist, he said, “No, guys, really – I want to be the legend that never signed with WWE.”

On the subject of other NJPW talents who have recently jumped ship to WWE, Omega said, “Just because WWE was able to offer enough money to Styles, Nakamura, and Devitt to lure them away doesn’t mean that they have enough money to lure me away.”

Omega then erupted into another fit of giggling that did not stop for almost a full minute.

“Listen, listen, guys: Yes, I text with Xavier Woods every day. Yes, John Cena Instagrammed my photo last week, but that doesn’t mean I have definitely already signed a deal with WWE.” Omega added, “I’m wrestling royalty here in Japan now. I can rumble with the best of them. I’m a Royal Rumbler, if you will,” Omega said in his closing statements, losing his composure once again.

As Omega made his exit from the stage, he turned to the assembled press and made a “W” with his fingers before bursting into laughter one last time.

Photo by Colyn Emery