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Twitter Activist Would Use Time Machine to Cancel Hitler

SEATTLE — Self-proclaimed Twitter activist Rachel Morrow claimed that if they had access to a functioning time machine they would use it to travel back 1933 and use their platform to cancel Adolf Hitler, sources rolling their eyes confirmed.

“I’ve read up on a lot of history and that piece of shit Hitler was only able to rise to power because nobody was brave enough to call him out on all his whack racism and antisemitism. I would travel back to the 1930s and put him on blast,” said Morrow who runs the @racistsayswhat Twitter account, while never once looking up from her phone. “I’d have no problem doxxing Hitler and anyone associated with him! Get some RT’s from @shaunking and @deray and Goebbels and Mussolini would be shaking in their stylish fascist boots!”

Some members of Morrow’s real-life social scene are less than impressed by their obsession with social media and wish their online activism would match with their offline behavior.

“I’m not surprised that Rachel thinks about everything, even historical events through the lens of social media,” says friend Sarah Nelson. “Rachel used to go out and see shows all the time but ever since their tweets about a guy who works at WaWa posting racist stuff on Facebook went viral, they are always at home on their phone. And like, when their brother got outed as a total creep, they didn’t say anything. They just did the thing where they post about how they need some time to process and then went back to posting about racists who work at Jimmy John’s.”

Historians are quick to note that even if there was a functioning time machine, American public opinion about the German Nazis was not very negative until after Pearl Harbor.

“First of all, there was no internet in the 1930s & 40s. It’s alarming how often I have to tell young people this,” said Bennet Givens, Director of German Studies at Essex Community College, Newark. “And even if there were, Americans didn’t hate Nazis until well after the United States joined the war. If Twitter were around back then this person’s tweets about how they were from the future and Hitler is the worst would get no retweets. Without that dopamine hit they would feel completely defeated and might even start tweeting some vile stuff just to get a few likes.”

At press time, Morrow was designing an infographic for Instagram entitled “Marie Curie was Apparently a TERF: Do We Need Radioactivity?”