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Stick and Poke Artist Has Wide Range of Flash from Raccoon Saying ACAB to Pigeon Saying ACAB

PORTLAND, Ore. – Local tattoo enthusiasts are impressed with the variety of urban scavenger and anti-police themed flash available at a new stick and poke operation by artist Katie Watson, sources unconcerned with the possibility of infection report.

“I try to keep a high standard of hygiene,” said Watson from her workspace, a yoga mat on her studio apartment floor. “I have isopropyl alcohol and a whole roll of paper towels. My sharps container is a plastic soda bottle which the people at the needle exchange said was fine. I really strive, as an artist, to keep my flash relevant to current political themes and movements, and combine that with subjects my clientele will relate to. I think my classical training shows through in this selection of work: inspirations include Emory Douglas, Goya, and of course, the animals in the dumpster behind my building.”

In times of increasing economic hardship, many are relieved to find this quality of tattoo work at an affordable price.

“This is the most legit cheap, sketchy tattoo I’ve ever gotten!” said Dan Flores, aspiring professional skater and part-time budtender. “It actually looks like what it’s supposed to: A raccoon saying ACAB. And she barely even made me bleed. My twelve roommates back in our dilapidated house are thinking of having Katie do a guest spot next month in the kitchen. She’ll make 80, maybe even 90 bucks in a single weekend.”

However, not everyone buys into the new standard Watson is setting for stick and pokes.

“I don’t see why you have to get so bougie with birds and letters,” pointed out a local man only known as Yukon Doug. “I used to tattoo tons of people and I can’t even draw. What it’s really about is trying to make an abstract design until you can’t stand the pain. It’s not like you’re gonna let it heal properly anyway. My whole mission in life, at this point, is to take the ‘posers’ out of ‘pokes.’”

At press time, Watson was seen experimenting with new drawings of bats saying “fuck the police.”