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REPORT: Guy with Tiny Beanie Announces Engagement to Girl Wearing Overalls

NEW YORK — Local man with a small beanie Casey Rosevear announced his engagement today via Facebook to Liz McNamara, a woman wearing overalls, unsurprised sources confirmed.

“We’re just so happy to finally do it, you know? I knew she was the one when I saw those black overalls from across the room at my friend’s Morrissey-themed DJ night,” said Rosevear between dubbing tapes for his cassette-only label. “We’ve come so far since then — we’re even going to open a joint Showtime account so we can re-watch Twin Peaks: The Return.”

McNamara reportedly first noticed her future husband when ordered his third whiskey-and-Tecate combo from the bar.

“Technically, on the night we ‘met,’ we never actually talked to each other… but he did follow me on Instagram by looking at crowd photos and finding one I was tagged in,” said McNamara, who sells homemade CBD kombucha online. “He was wearing that tiny beanie and a denim jacket inside on a very warm night… how could I not have fallen for him? I need someone who’s going to compliment my original sense of style. My overalls, huge wire-frame glasses, my signature braid… I really stand out in a crowd.”

The couple, who weren’t officially dating before announcing their engagement, enlisted Owen Campbell, a longtime friend of the duo, as their wedding planner.

“Instead of suits, Casey wants all his groomsmen to wear Vans, the same black jeans they wear every day, and carry their skateboards. I can’t even tell you the last time I saw Casey skate, but that’s what he wants,” said Campbell. “Liz isn’t much help either: she wants to give out gift bags in canvas totes that say ‘Weaponized Tenderness’ on one side and ‘Witch Gang’ on the other. What the fuck do either of those things mean?’

At press time, Rosevear and McNamara were both watching the Instagram stories of their exes and wondering if it would be “weird” to reach out.

Photo by Casey Rosevear.