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QUIZ: Did You Actually Like ‘Hey Arnold!’ Or Were You Just A Weird Kid Into Smooth Jazz?

“Move it, football head!” For some, this iconic line immediately evokes memories of the classic Nickelodeon cartoon ‘Hey Arnold!’–starring a far-out New York pre-teen named Arnold with, well, a football-shaped head. The show followed the cool-as-a-cucumber protagonist and his equally hip best friend Gerald as they explored coming of age in the city that never sleeps, often finding themselves in silly shenanigans and mischievous mishaps that a typical kid could laugh and relate to.

If you were a weird kid who just happened to really like Jazz at the age of eight, the show probably tickled you for different reasons, like its bevy of bass lines and horn ensembles. This quiz will help you figure out if you were actually a fan of the show or just a future ponytail-sporting, jazz-loving weirdo.

Question 1: Who was your favorite character from Hey Arnold!

A. Arnold or Gerald
B. Any other kid from P.S. 118
C. Arnold’s Grandparents Gertie and Phil
D. Dino Spumoni

Question 2: What was your favorite memorable moment from Hey Arnold!

A. When Helga kisses Arnold at their school play
B. When Arnold and Gerald play hookey from school and end up missing a super fun Carnival Day
C. That super depressing yet philosophical speech from the Pigeon Man
D. The scene in the first episode where Arnold and Gerald toss out their fruit costumes and come out dressed in fresh digs from Roscoe’s Funky Rags Emporium

Question 3: How would you describe the theme song from Hey Arnold!

A. I don’t really remember the theme song, I watched the show for the plot and characters
B. It was fun! I liked it as a kid.
C. Dreamy, burnin’, delicious. The type of licks that would make you flip your lid, daddy-O.
D. In a key of C♯/D♭and a major mode with a tempo of 43 BPM.






Mostly A or B: You were a regular kid who enjoyed the silly hijinks and life lessons of Hey Arnold!

Mostly C: You were a precocious-yet-misunderstood hepcat who all your friends found slightly arrogant, but perhaps still respected.

All D: I hope the rest of your childhood was okay. If you’re not actively an alto sax player in a big band, I’m guessing you’ve at least dabbled with smack.