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Punk Zine Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Limited Edition Third Issue

TORONTO — DEBASER fanzine editor Josh “Dishrag” Visser announced plans today to mark the publication’s 10th anniversary by releasing its third issue, excited sources confirmed.

“Look, it’s not bragging to say DEBASER has been pivotal to the local scene,” said Visser. “When we debuted in 2008, we reminded all the no-nothing fashionistas about the mother fucking Viletones, and told all those fatcats in Washington that if they wanted something to bail out, they could bail out our assholes. That shook things up. With this commemorative issue, we’re turning our attention to dictator Trump.”

When the zine’s sophomore issue came out five years later, Visser doubled the print run, copying twice as many black-and-white pages at his Aunt Janey’s real estate office. All 86 copies of DEBASER were distributed over three months at local shows and the defunct record store Creature Vinyl.

“That issue is when we really found our voice,” said contributing writer Mack Lamoureux. “I went hard on the local supermarket for only carrying one type of vegan cheese, then did this longform thing about my roommate’s cousin’s noise rock band. I mean….they never released any music, and they broke up almost immediately after the issue came out, but I’m fucking proud of that conversation, you know?”

Visser is hoping DEBASER’s third issue will reignite a seemingly dwindling interest in Toronto punk rock. When asked what content he has planned for the zine, the editor could barely contain his excitement.

“I did this interview with Wes Eisold awhile back; that’s definitely going in there. Most of it is talking about how excited he was to go on tour with the Jesus and Mary Chain, which was two years ago, but I think it’s still relevant,” said Visser. “Also, my buddy Steve drew this really fucking grotesque picture of the mayor when he was running for reelection last year. I think we’re going to make that the cover. Like, I know we’re topical, but we’re also timeless.”

The limited edition 10th anniversary run of DEBASER’s third issue is expected out sometime between next week and two years from now.