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Pregnant Punk Can’t Wait to Dye Baby’s Hair

LONG BEACH, Calif. – Despite objections from friends, family, and doctors, local mom-to-be Melissa Watts cannot contain her excitement about dying her unborn baby’s hair.

Watts, who recently received her cosmetology license and has been a hair stylist at VaVaVa Voom’s for over six months, explained why she is so excited to be having a daughter.

“I can’t wait to have a girl this time. I’ve been needing someone to practice coloring hair on ever since my husband glued my mannequin head to his bass drum,” Watts said. “Plus, that mannequin scalp had a weird burning smell every time I dyed it, so a fresh new baby is an upgrade.”

Watts proceeded to explain that her reasons for wanting to dye her child’s hair are more than practical. “It’s important that my daughter is able to express herself the way I want her to – and the only reason I want to name her Violet is so she can have violet hair. #VioletViolet is going to get so many likes on Instagram.”

Father-to-be Richard Watts supports his pregnant wife’s decision to color their unborn child’s hair.

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“Being a punk is about being an individual and not letting anyone tell you what to do,” Watts said. “That’s why we made our son Milo get a Mohawk. Sure, he might cry about it now, but we think he will change his mind when Melissa and I get a denim vest for him and put patches of our favorite bands all over it.”

The Watts eagerly await to bring their second child into the world (and to shows with big over-ear headphones) and want their friends and family to know that they have a baby registry with Angry, Young and Poor.