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Nicole Kidman Video About Importance of Scene Unity to Run Before Hardcore Shows

PENSACOLA, Fla. — A group of show promoters commissioned Nicole Kidman to appear in a video similar to her infamous AMC ad to spread a positive message about scene unity, confirmed enraptured sources at the video’s Pensacola Sons of Italy premiere.

“I’m actually a bit of a punk fan myself,” said Kidman while bottle-feeding a baby wallaby. “We’ve got a grand history of punk and hardcore in Australia, from The Saints to Speed. So it was a no-brainer for me to cut this ad promoting solidarity and positive mental attitude in the hardcore scene. In the video, I talk about how things just seem magical at these loud, raucous shows. I really believe it when I say, ‘Somehow, getting your ribs broken and your nose kicked in feels good in a place like this.’”

DIY show promoter Gregg Bronner said that having a movie star deliver the message up front spares the audience from having to listen to long-winded speeches from singers mid-set.

“Hardcore singers will often interrupt the flow of a show with speeches about strength, perseverance, and thinking for yourself,” said Bronner as he set up a projector. “A lot of fans complain that the speeches can grind a show’s momentum to a halt. We figured we could save a lot of time by having someone with real gravitas deliver a concise, powerful message at the beginning of the night, leaving the rest of the time for the music. Yes, some of those speeches are about important topics, but let’s be honest—most of these guys aren’t exactly Winston Churchill.”

Emerson College’s Department of Communication Studies assistant director Candace McMorrow said that many subcultures are embracing the model of the Kidman spot.

“Celebrity endorsements aren’t just for watches, perfume, and liquor anymore,” said McMorrow. “We’re seeing a marked rise in the use of celebrities to deliver genre-specific messaging. For instance, Morgan Freeman recently recorded a voice-over for an emotionally-charged video celebrating the rich history of cybergoth dance. There’s also a popular PSA featuring Jennifer Coolidge on how to safely smash fluorescent tubes, which is aimed at the backyard wrestling community.”

At press time, Kidman had wrapped production on an inspiring piece about crust punks which highlights the enduring, uniquely American traditions of train-hopping and panhandling.