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New Netflix “Instant Dream Home” Show Sets Unrealistic Expectations That Contractors Will Show Up on Time

ATLANTA – Viewers of the new Netflix show “Instant Dream Home” are complaining en masse about the show creating unrealistic expectations that contractors will ever show up on time, not-so-patiently-waiting sources confirmed.

“A total home makeover in 12 hours? God, I’d be happy if I could get a contractor just to give me an estimate the same month they said they would,” said Florence Mason, a homeowner in the middle of a bathroom renovation. “My first contractor demoed my entire bathroom, and then they just disappeared. I’ve been looking for someone to come finish the job for months. But super cool how Netflix will just build a bathroom on a soundstage and then truck it in the same day. Must be nice not peeing in a bucket and showering in the kitchen sink.”

Joey Norris, a long-time contractor, has been struggling to find help.

“Let me tell you, you want to find a crew to finish a job? Impossible. The kids these days don’t care for work—almost as much as I don’t like paying. But yeah, I heard about this show. The whole house in 12 hours? Geez,” said Norris. “It just doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, just like the basic logistics. So you’re gonna wanna let spackle dry for about 1-2 hours. Then you’re gonna want to sand. And if you want it to be nice, you’re gonna want to do a second coat. And then you’d be wise to wait about 24 hours before you paint the first coat. And don’t get me started on grout.”

Jamie Vaughn, a producer on the show, explained the process behind the quick renovations.

“How do we do it all in 12 hours? Ah, look at you, that’s so cute. You think it’s all real,” said Vaughn. “I mean, we do some work on their house. We mostly just paint the front and maybe swap out a door. But I’d say the majority of what we do is filming people crying while yelling ‘this is gorgeous’ in front of a green screen, and then we drop in some pictures from Pinterest afterward.”

At press time, Netflix was busy ramping up marketing efforts for their new show, “15 Minute DMV.”