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Members of Artist Collective Officially Become Lifelong Enemies After Only 2 1/2 Weeks of Being an Artist Collective

DETROIT – Members of the 17-day-old Which Hunt Artist Collective have confirmed that they have not only disbanded but fully intend on “hating each other’s guts” for the rest of their lives following an explosive closed doors meeting, infuriated sources report.

“All 12 of us spent the past two years living together, being creative, and just having fun,” said collective member and “found object curator” Krystna Radona. “Like, the vibe was impeccable. But the moment we decided to get official and pick a name for the collective, everyone just got super annoying and tired looking and I hated everything everyone did after that. And when someone brought up a spreadsheet at the last meeting, I knew that I was done with those fuckers.”

According to those close to the collective, the announcement comes as a shock.

“It’s really sad–I thought they would have gone the whole nine yards, but I get it,” said friend and local musician Kieran Razavi. “I’ve been in my band for 11 years, so I know how hard it is having to see the same faces every week. Sometimes it just feels like you really want to start something new and exciting, but you made a commitment to this band so you just have to drag yourself to practice again and deal with Dave’s obnoxious inability to figure out his schedule if you want to play another show for the same six people that were at the last show. It just sucks that Which Hunt is going to miss out on that kind of healthy, productive partnership.”

Art historian Kalia Jarencio found the dissolution of the group unsurprising.

“If you look at the history of post-war art, this kind of thing is actually pretty common,” said Jarencio. “The Situationist International, The Brixton Artists Collective, the artists working out of The Factory…all of them split up and stopped speaking to each other pretty quickly. The only difference with Which Hunt that I can see is that no one in the collective actually made any art and, as far as I can tell, just tried to fuck each other constantly. ”

According to a dozen individual press releases, all former members have dedicated the next six years to making art about how much they hate each other.