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Marjorie Taylor Greene Breaks Ground on Holocaust Denial Museum

WASHINGTON — GOP official and QAnon superstar Marjorie Taylor Greene announced she will be breaking ground on a museum dedicated to the denial of the Holocaust, horrified onlookers reported.

“It is high time we speak the truth about what didn’t happen in Europe during the Nazi’s phenomenal ten-year run. It’s simple really — we know the Jews control all media so naturally they’re going to hire millions of crisis actors to tell the world that they’ve been victimized,” said Green, digging alone in an abandoned lot. “We’ve been working closely with 8chan and Parler’s best researchers to bring these exhibits to life. Soon, the world will know that a then 13-year-old George Soros was masterminding the scam of the century.”

QAnon supporters across the country were thrilled with Greene’s initiative to uncover the Jewish conspiracy to make Hitler look bad.

“I’ve never been to a museum that didn’t involve NASCAR, but damn if I’m not gonna make the trip to see this one. I knew something was fishy, like how can the Nazis find time to disappear six million Jews when they were busy revitalizing the economy and killing ANTIFA members?” said Ohio resident, Jessup Brown. “I heard they already got some pro-Holocaust existence museum in Washington but that’s just the command center for that Jewish space laser Ms. Greene warned us about. Don’t believe what those tour guides tell you.”

Despite near-universal support from the GOP, many residents of the District of Columbia were not thrilled with Rep. Greene’s endeavor.

“This is a joke, right? My actual fucking Grandmother spent two years in Auschwitz. I don’t remember her telling me stories about being a paid actor or tattooing serial numbers on her own arm,” said local business owner Nadia Hein. “It’s just crazy to see her dedication to this thing like she’s out there pouring the leveling concrete herself in the middle of February. If she freezes to death I’m sure her supporters will say she was killed by the Jew-controlled weather machine.”

At press time, Rep. Greene was seen submitting a permit to build a second story onto the museum for a children’s exhibit about the non-existence of school shootings.