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Marijuana Dispensary Capitalizes on Nostalgia by Selling Weed Out of a Backpack in the Parking Lot

PITTSFIELD, Mass. — Sketchies, a newly opened marijuana dispensary, is getting rave reviews by selling weed out of backpacks in their parking lot as a way of adding nostalgia to the business, local potheads confirm.

“With many dispensaries marketing themselves as reputable medicinal practices, Sketchies takes a different approach by recreating what it was like to buy weed when it was still a crime,” explains store manager, Martin Lambert. “When you come to our store you can recognize our employees by their black hoodies with thumbholes in the sleeves, Jansport Backpacks, and dirty Chucks. All you need to do is tell them how much you want or the specific dollar amount you want to spend and they’ll give you that amount of our ‘best shit’ while looking over their shoulders like the cops could pop out at any second. When things are busy we’ll just come up to your car and sell to you right through the window.”

Customers report enjoying the retro feel of buying from someone off the street.

“The whole thing really takes me back to my high school days,” said frequent customer, Patrick Reed. “I was considering quitting pot altogether before I found Sketchies. It just wasn’t fun anymore now that I can just go to the store and buy it like I’m picking up a carton of milk. I missed the excitement of never knowing what was going to happen. One time after I had already paid, the seller just stood there telling all these stories about how he’s cheating on his girlfriend. It got really inappropriate and awkward until I finally came up with some excuse to leave. It was great! It’s that kind of detail that keeps me coming back.”

Legal weed analyst, Jacob Calaway, remarked that this is only the beginning of a trend in the marijuana industry.

“What we’ve found in our research is that, much the same way that people enjoy the music of their younger days, they also want to consume marijuana the way they did in their youth. By tapping into the nostalgia market, places like Sketchies are really seeing a sharp uptick in sales. It doesn’t just stop with hoodies and backpacks either. For instance weed today is much more powerful, so when dispensaries have older customers they will sell them dirt weed that is mainly seeds and stems to remind them of getting high in the ‘60s.”

At press time, Sketchies is offering frequent customers an exclusive beeper number for preferential service.