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Man Recommending Petey Album Cautiously Tip Toes Around TikTok Mention

SAN JOSE — Local man Chris Bendar, 32, very carefully found a verbal path around mentioning TikTok when recommending Petey’s new album “USA” to a group of gathered friends, multiple sources confirmed

“I’ll admit I was skeptical at first when I checked out Petey’s music because you know, the guy is pretty popular on… um, uh an obscure content creation platform,” said Bendar, who spends at least two hours on TikTok before bed. “But he’s created his own sketch comedy world, very DIY. It’s kinda like an Eddie Murphy thing where he plays all the characters, but I should also be clear that the songs aren’t funny like an Adam Sandler thing, the songs are just good. Listen to it on your way to work or something.”

According to experts, the avoidance of mentioning the most popular social media platform of the day is common.

“This is especially true among people who pride themselves on being the first to know about a new band,” Joan Terrance, head of psychology at the University Of California Berkeley said. “The artistic human mind simply does not like to admit they discovered anything with the aid of the greatest discovery algorithms to ever exist. I’m currently working on a thesis about bands who blew up on Myspace and how they have transitioned into the current music economy. The problem is every band I’ve reached out to refuses to admit they ever uses Myspace.”

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