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Man Scores Record Store Day Exclusive in Form of Break Up Letter from Girlfriend

PHOENIX, AZ – After a successful day scoring all of the limited releases he sought on Record Store Day, Brian Adamson came home to his apartment to find an added surprise: an exclusive break up letter from his girlfriend Claire Templeton sitting on his table, complete with all of her belongings removed from his apartment.

“I hope you enjoy dying alone under your fucking pile of records,” the letter, a very limited-release edition of one written on out-of-print Ziggy stationery, read. “I guess you forgot today was my birthday. It’s OK, though. I know how much you enjoy purchasing newer versions of records you already own.”

Adamson reports that he was completely caught off-guard by this rare, hand-numbered break up letter.

“I really thought that things were going well,” Adamson recalled while pacing in his kitchen. “I’ve been more open with my feelings. Just last week, I shared with her the joy I felt when scoring an original Misfits Cough/Cool 45. She seemed happy for me at first, but then just started in on how I had forgotten dinner plans we had made with friends – it’s not like we couldn’t just reschedule.”

Adamson recalled how he had “really opened his heart to her,” claiming he went out of his way to share all of his passions with Templeton. At the time of break-up, the couple had recently watched his favorite Krautrock documentary, were halfway through listening to the Merzbow discography together, and were even sharing his favorite passages from Henry Rollins’ “Get in the Van,” read aloud by Adamson while she was studying for graduate school. “I guess none of that mattered,” he said sadly.


Further investigation uncovered that Templeton’s Record Store Day Letter to Adamson was not actually a one-off exclusive, as she had penned an identical letter to another person she had been seeing on the side.

“I thought this was a single press; I kind of feel ripped off,” Adamson said about the break up letter, adding, “I probably won’t be able to flip this letter for much cash at this point.”

As of press time, Templeton has yet to respond to Adamson’s texts. Compounding his pain, the Record Store Day exclusive of Herb Alpert’s “Whipped Cream” picture disk he hoped to flip on eBay had zero bids.

Photo by by Steven Yuen @panda_panhandle.