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Local Woman Holds Boyfriend’s Jacket

RICHMOND, Va. – Standing stoically near the merchandise table, local woman Stephanie Grable held her boyfriend’s jacket during a recent Iron Reagan performance.

“Oh, I don’t mind. It’s so cute to see Mike out there having fun,” Grable said, when asked why she so willingly carries this burden.

Grable says she’s proud to be part of a time-honored tradition. A few times a month, non-punk girlfriends everywhere are called upon to hold personal belongings while their partners sing along to the touring band’s set.

Mike Woods, Grable’s boyfriend, said his partners presence at the show is really important to him.

“I’m glad she’s here. She likes more of the pop punk stuff, so this music isn’t really her favorite, but I like having a safe place to keep my stuff,” Woods said. “One time someone stole my sweatshirt when I tried stashing it behind some chairs in the corner; total bummer.”


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And it isn’t just jackets Grable is great at holding. Grable has also been responsible for holding: iPhones, keys, merchandise purchases at the show, wallets, snapback hats and, on rare occasions, Woods’ skateboard.

“She saves me from making a bunch of trips to the car,” Woods said. “Sometimes these things don’t have re-entry.”

As of press time, Grable was seen texting in the corner next to a stack of chairs as Woods and his friends made plans to go to a 24-hour diner after the show.

Article by The Hard Times Staff

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