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Kanye West Doubles Down With Confederate Flag Jorts, Swastika Adorned Fedora

PARIS — Kanye West continued to cause a stir at Paris Fashion Week when he followed up his controversial “White Lives Matter” shirt with a new outfit featuring Confederate Flag jorts and a fedora displaying the Nazi flag, multiple sources report.

“We knew Kanye would really be trying to push the limits of style during his visit, but we didn’t expect him to dress like a guy that burns tires in his backyard for fun,” said Paris Fashion Week organizer Darcy Manon. “We should have seen this coming when he drove up to the event in a lifted Dodge Ram with multiple pairs of truck nutz hanging from the bumper. We thought maybe he was being ironic at first, but then we read all the bumper stickers on the truck and realized he’s completely lost his mind. But he did look good when he was wearing Balenciaga.”

Defenders were quick to point out that West’s clothing choices do not condone slavery or the mass murder of over six million Jews.

“Everyone is being way too sensitive, Ye is shining a light on the fashion of underprivileged bog people who reject societal norms and create their own incestuous communes,” said Twitter user @LilJake4354311 in a string of tweets. “He’s always been way ahead of the curve. People are roasting him now, but in six months those same people will be wearing Confederate flag shirts, shoes, and have a sticker of Calvin pissing on the American flag.”

A representative from the Southern Poverty Law Center admits they have an entire division dedicated to the rapper/fashion designer.

“Whenever he steps outside we have a team ready to point out all the hate speech he is displaying. Whether it’s a MAGA hat, a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt, or if he’s goose-stepping around Los Angeles in a replica Nazi uniform,” said legal analyst Devon Miller. “It’s exhausting trying to keep up with him, but no matter what he does people still support him. If he starts a ‘Heil Hitler’ chant at his next concert there will be thousands of so-called progressives chanting it right along with him and calling him a misunderstood genius.”

At press time, West announced a new collaboration with Stormfront which will only be sold on message boards on the dark web.