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Is She Madly in Love With You, or Just a Bartender Doing Her Job?

We’ve all been there before- you’re checking out the trendy new bar in town and you really hit it off with the hot bartender. Signals can be hard to read so we made this helpful guide to answer the age-old question: Is this woman madly in love with you or is she simply a bartender doing her job?

Check out each one of these telltale signs and we’ll tell you if she’s an angel who’s head over heels in love with you or just a regular person paying her bills.

She greets you with a smile

Wow, usually you’re greeted with grunting noises and no eye contact. She must really like you.


That’s part of creating a welcoming environment and it’s bartending 101. Did you not see her do the same thing to everyone else? You ain’t special.

She makes your drink EXACTLY the way you like it

Gosh, she knows you so well and just wants to take care of you. It’s almost like you’re married in the ‘50s and she’s got your after-work cocktail just waiting for you with your slippers and pipe.


This is literally her entire job description. In fact, your specific requests were really weird and she’s definitely gonna go make fun of you with the line cooks in the back. Who the hell uses lavender liqueur in an Old Fashioned? What the fuck is wrong with you?

She laughs at your jokes

You’re a funny and charming guy who she hopes will keep getting hammered until her shift ends so you can follow her out to her car and drunkenly attempt to smooth talk and go in for what will go down in history as the greatest kiss of all time.


She works for tips, dude.

She tells you when she’s working next

She just can’t wait to see you again! But not outside of this establishment or during her non-working hours.


It’s called cultivating regulars, dumdum. Even if she genuinely enjoys her limited interactions with you, this is how she pays her bills.

She checks in on how you’re doing and offers you water

Wow, she really cares about your well being! That’s soulmate material right there.


You’ve pounded one too many of those lavender Old Fashioneds. Handle your shit, man.

She tells her friends about you

Not only does she like you but she wants her friends to like you too! You’ll be her guest at weddings and meeting the family in no time!


Oh shit, that’s the bouncer. Pay the fucking bill and let’s get out of here.