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“I Used to Dabble in Music” Says Man Referring to 4th Grade Rendition of “Hot Cross Buns” on Recorder

BURBANK, Calif. — Local showgoer Pete Tucker was seen telling a seasoned musician about how he also used to dabble in music himself, despite merely referring to his time spent playing “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder in elementary school, several sources report.

“That’s right. I used to dip my toe in music here and there,” Tucker revealed to the band’s guitarist with the confidence of every rock star in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. “I had a pretty prolific music career ahead of me, if I wanted. I was a bit of a prodigy back in the day, but you know responsibilities get in the way when you’re nine years old. I found I couldn’t continue the pursuit of my musical talent after the fourth grade and left the industry. I could’ve easily been a modern-day Mozart if I stuck with it.”

Witnesses say things got dicey when guitarist Amanda Hodgkins began questioning Tucker about what instrument he played.

“I got the vibe he was trying to impress us so I asked Pete what he played and he brazenly responded ‘ahh…recorder, which is pretty much the same as a guitar if you really think about it’ but then quickly attempted to change the subject,” said Hodgkins. “I tried to act impressed but when I asked if he knew how to play any tunes he started saying ‘jeez is it getting hot in here or what?’ and tried to change the subject again. I’m not sure what the fuck that’s about but it’s always good to find out his range before I ask if he wants to jam on stage sometime.”

Pete’s fourth grade music teacher Francine Gibson confirmed his brief musical career.

“He was quite the spitfire on the recorder for four months in which he played the three notes of ‘Hot Cross Buns’ with pride and gusto,” said Gibson. “His career peaked at the fourth grade mandatory music performance in our auditorium after which he left the music class to pursue ‘more important things’ in Pete’s words such as playing on swings and raising a Tamagotchi. I’m happy to send along archival footage of the performance to whoever needs it, if he needs to make a demo tape of sorts.”

At press time, Pete was seen fumbling around his parents’ attic looking for his recorder to revive his musical talent for “Hot Cross Buns” in case the band reached out for a gig.