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Crowdfunding Campaign Started for Band with Stolen Vans

BALTIMORE — A crowdfunding campaign began last week in support of indie band Shredded Gnar after a pair of Vans sneakers were stolen from their merch table, sources close to the band confirmed.

“Without our Vans, we can’t complete this tour,” lead singer Paul McDonnell wrote on Instagram. “Fortunately, we have my dad’s RV, so going from state-to-state is a breeze… but walking from the van to the show every night is really hard on all of us. We tried renting shoes from other bands, but they’re never the right sizes, and we keep giving each other flat tires every few feet while loading our gear.”

The crowdfunding page provided information on how to support the band.

“We would be so grateful if our fans could provide us the money to replace our stolen Vans,” the page read. “If our campaign is successful, we pledge to give all donors personalized selfies of the Vans. Also, we will have a Skype session with any donors who provide us enough money to pay for our data plan. We will even do a personalized show and meet-and-greet for anyone who donates more money than we’re going to make on this entire tour. So, let’s say $200.”

Fans of Shredded Gnar have so far rallied behind the band.

“I cried when I heard they got their Vans stolen,” superfan Carrie Logan said. “They don’t deserve this. I saw Shredded Gnar in Toledo last week and they put on a killer show. I bought stuff from their merch table and met them all — I even found a sweet pair of shoes in the lost-and-found box underneath their table. Oh, wait. Shit.”

Update: Shredded Gnar’s crowdfunding campaign has been successfully completed. So far, the band has spent most of the money on alcohol and food, but they assured fans that they will replace the missing Vans the next time they pass a mall with a Journeys. They have yet to fulfill any of their crowdfunding pledges, but no one expected them to anyway.

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