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Bernie Sanders Accidentally Tells Joe Biden “Nice Set” After Debate

WASHINGTON — Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders accidentally told former Vice President Joe Biden “nice set” after tonight’s democratic debate, an audio clip released by CNN confirmed.

“Yes, correct. I did say this. But it is a bad habit I am trying to break… call it a nervous tick, I don’t know. The fact of the matter is this: the Democratic party won’t move forward if everyone just says ‘nice set’ every time you get on stage and open your mouth,” said Sanders. “We need to be critical of everyone performing on this stage to move forward. I really shouldn’t reward people with a compliment because they pushed out the same, stagnant ideas for 50 years straight — show up with something good, or make room for the new kids who are hungry.”

Biden seemed to take the offhand remark to heart.

“Yeah, that was definitely one of those performances where I couldn’t really tell what was happening,” said Biden. “But I could feel it: I was definitely zoning hard, I haven’t felt that alive since I confronted Cornpop at the pool. So I’m glad it sounded good out there. It’s just super fun to get up and make some noise and say whatever in front of people. I can’t wait until the next one; this scene is just so cool.”

Witnesses also allegedly saw Sanders blow off moderator Lester Holt who approached in the hopes of getting the senator’s setlist.