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Ben Shapiro Claims Palestinian Children Keep Dying on Purpose to Get out of Debating Him About Definition of Genocide

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Right-wing media pundit Ben Shapiro continued his attacks against the people of Palestine by claiming children in Gaza are dying on purpose to avoid debating him in public about what constitutes genocide, sources confirmed.

“I’ve extended an open invitation to anyone between the ages of four and twelve, who can actually speak English, to debate me on the topic. But so far not a single one of them is brave enough to step up to the microphone to condemn Hamas, admit Israel is just defending itself, and admit once and for all that this is not a genocide,” said Shapiro as Palestine creeps closer to famine. “I see these numbers that 100 kids a day are dying and I’m left to think they are doing it to themselves so I don’t embarrass them in front of millions of viewers. It’s sad, I’m giving these kids a chance to tell their side of the story but they choose to starve themselves and run underneath Israeli peace-keeping missiles.”

Nine-year-old Fatima Mousa is one of the many children forced to leave their homes due to Israel’s aggression.

“They told us to move South, and when we did they bombed our camp. My father went to try to get us food and never returned. I used to cry myself to sleep, but now I feel nothing. All I see is suffering,” said Mousa from a makeshift tent. “I was made aware of Mr. Shapiro’s invitation, I tried accepting it but his producers said I would need to immigrate to America legally before they would talk to me. I would be an adult by the time that process was finished, but I know I’ll be dead before then anyway. We are all going to die, and nobody seems to care.”

Multiple activists remain outraged by Shapiro’s claims about Palestinian children.

“I’ve tried many times to get Ben to have an open discourse about Israel’s extermination of Palestinians, but every time I reach out his people send me the YouTube link to that terrible rap song he did. When I try to follow up they call me a ‘Woke Libtard,’” said community organizer Teisha Linscomb. “ It’s clear Ben doesn’t actually want to debate anyone, he just wants to use his pseudo-intellectual schtick to convince the dumbest people you went to high school with to believe the crap he talks about.”

At press time, Shapiro announced he would be watching the 2023 film “Barbie” for the 40th time to look for clues tying the movie to Hamas.