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Aging Hardcore Dude’s Jane Doe Tattoo Fades Into Misfit’s Fiend Skull

BOSTON — 41-year-old Tommy Dawson’s once-beloved Jane Doe tattoo finished it’s transformation last week after years of fading, evolving into its final stage as the Misfits’ infamous fiend skull, confused onlookers report.

“I was in my 20s when I got that Converge tattoo. I was in great shape back in those days: I was skateboarding more, and I could eat a pint of ice cream every night and never gain a pound. But my metabolism and lifestyle changed when I got closer to my 30s,” said Dawson. “Over time my Jane Doe tattoo got itchy, and some of the ink started running out of it when I’d shower. Eventually, I could see the fiend skull under there… which was so weird, because Jane Doe was not a cover up or anything. But as the skull became more prominent, so did my love for the Misfits. I can’t explain it, but the devilock does work with my hairline, so it’s not all bad.”

Tommy’s longtime girlfriend Maria Lopez noticed the concurrent transitions.

“It all started when he got a desk job. He used to work in construction and would be lifting shit all day, but over time, his arms got flabbier and his tattoo started to look a little different,” said Lopez. “I thought that was all that was going to happen, but then he started singing every time the clock turned 1:38, whether it was the afternoon or early morning… and whenever I’d ask what he wanted to eat, he’d say, ‘Brains for Breakfast, Brains for Lunch.’ I guess I should be happy it’s just the Misfits. I think we would’ve broken up if it was the Sublime sun logo.”

Tattoos changing organically into their final form happens often, according to Boston tattooist Jebb Anderson.

“I’ve seen a straight edge ‘XXX’ tattoo grow a bottle around it after a few years of heavy drinking, and I even did a ‘Vegan 4 Life’ tattoo that now reads, ‘Vegan 4 A Little While,’” said Anderson. “I think it’s a way for one’s body to adapt to changing mindsets without limiting bad tattoo choices.”

Dawson is optimistic that getting back into reasonable shape will eventually transform his tattoo into something resembling Social Distortion’s drinking skeleton.