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“Aarrragghuuhw Huurh”: A Touching Farewell by Guest Contributor Chewbacca

Carrie Fisher, most known for playing the role of Princess Leia in the iconic movie franchise Star Wars — but who was also a talented author and bold mental health advocate — died today at the age of 60.

Many on the Hard Times Staff were inspired by Fisher’s unapologetic, honest, and witty nature, which carried over to her character and made for one of the most badass movie “princesses” of all time. So it’s hard for us to put into words exactly what we’re feeling right now, but luckily we were contacted by someone who can.

Here in his own words, with a touching farewell to his dear friend, we give you the mighty and eloquent Chewbacca, whose grace and poise is invaluable in times like this.

Aarrragghuuhw Huurh
By Chewbacca

Hard Times Guest Contributor

Huuguughghg uughghhhgh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh uugggh uughghhhgh raaaaaahhgh. Aaaaahnr aaahnruh wrrhw huuguughghg huuguughghg huurh raaaaaahhgh wuuh wrrhwrwwhw aarrragghuuhw uughghhhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh huurh uughguughhhghghghhhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh huurh huurh uughghhhgh aaaaahnr huurh uughghhhgh huuguughghg awwgggghhh. Uugggh aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh aarrragghuuhw uggguh aguhwwgggghhh raaaaaahhgh aaaaahnr aarrragghuuhw hnnnhrrhhh huuguughghg huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh uughghhhgh uuh. huurh. Aarrragghuuhw uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh uugggh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg aaaaahnr uughghhhgh raaaaaahhgh uuh wrrhwrwwhw huurh? Awwgggghhh uughghhhgh wrrhw wuuh huurh aarrragghuuhw uugggh uughguughhhghghghhhgh aarrragghuuhw huuguughghg aaaaahnr huurh hnnnhrrhhh.

Hnnnhrrhhh aguhwwgggghhh uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw aaaaahnr uughguughhhghghghhhgh raaaaaahhgh huurh wrrhw wrrhwrwwhw uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh huurh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh uggguh aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh uuh. Raaaaaahhgh uugggh hnnnhrrhhh huurh aarrragghuuhw huuguughghg huurh uughguughhhghghghhhgh aarrragghuuhw wrrhw huurh raaaaaahhgh wuuh aarrragghuuhw uughghhhgh aaahnruh huuguughghg uughguughhhghghghhhgh. Uggguh huuguughghg huurh uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh aaaaahnr raaaaaahhgh huurh raaaaaahhgh uuh aguhwwgggghhh huuguughghg uughguughhhghghghhhgh raaaaaahhgh awwgggghhh uughghhhgh aaaaahnr huuguughghg uughghhhgh.

Aarrragghuuhw uggguh huurh aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh wrrhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh wrrhwrwwhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh! Huurh huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh huuguughghg uughghhhgh aarrragghuuhw hnnnhrrhhh. wrrhwrwwhw huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh aaaaahnr huuguughghg aaahnruh aarrragghuuhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh wrrhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh uuh awwgggghhh huurh aarrragghuuhw raaaaaahhgh huurh uughghhhgh uugggh hnnnhrrhhh uughghhhgh wuuh aaaaahnr raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh. uughguughhhghghghhhgh raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg huuguughghg aarrragghuuhw wrrhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh huurh uughghhhgh awwgggghhh aarrragghuuhw huurh wuuh huuguughghg aaaaahnr raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg huurh aaahnruh raaaaaahhgh wrrhwrwwhw raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh hnnnhrrhhh aaaaahnr uughghhhgh uuh huurh aarrragghuuhw uggguh huuguughghg
Hnnnhrrhhh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg aarrragghuuhw awwgggghhh uughguughhhghghghhhgh uughghhhgh uughghhhgh aaahnruh wrrhwrwwhw huurh aguhwwgggghhh uggguh. Aarrragghuuhw huuguughghg aarrragghuuhw uughguughhhghghghhhgh aaaaahnr wrrhw huurh wuuh raaaaaahhgh! Aarrragghuuhw huuguughghg raaaaaahhgh uughguughhhghghghhhgh uuh uugggh aaaaahnr huurh huurh aaaaahnr uughghhhgh uughghhhgh.

Raaaaaahhgh raaaaaahhgh huuguughghg huurh hnnnhrrhhh huurh huuguughghg huurh uughguughhhghghghhhgh uughghhhgh.

Article by Dan Rice @Danricecomedy